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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2015The enhanced removal of carbonaceous and nitrogenous disinfection by-product precursors using integrated permanganate oxidation and powdered activated carbon adsorption pretreatment.Chu, W; Yao, D; Gao, N; Bond, T; Templeton, MR
5-Jan-2007DBP formation from the chlorination of organics in tea and coffeeBond, T; Tang, S; Templeton, MR
4-Jan-2007Pervaporative membrane filtration for subsurface irrigationBond, T; Sule, MN; Todman, LC; Templeton, MR; Brant, J
9-Aug-2014Identification of key molecular properties of reactive NDMA precursors using computational chemistryBond, T; Simperler, A; Templeton, MR
2-Oct-2016The role of natural organic matter in nitrite formation by LP-UV/H2O2 treatment of nitrate-rich waterSemitsoglou-Tsiapou, S; Mous, A; Templeton, MR; Graham, NJD; Hernandez Leal, L, et al
3-Apr-2017Defining the molecular properties of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) precursors using computational chemistryBond, T; Simperler, A; Graham, N; Ling, L; Gan, W, et al
1-Jan-2011Nitrosamine formation from the oxidation of secondary aminesBond, T; Templeton, MR
1-Jul-2008Interactions between humic matter and bacteria when disinfecting water with UV lightCantwell, RE; Hofmann, R; Templeton, MR
2-Dec-2013Water Vapor Transport in Soils from a Pervaporative Irrigation SystemTodman, LC; Ireson, AM; Butler, AP; Templeton, MR
13-Aug-2015Nitrogenous disinfection byproducts in English drinking water supply systems: Occurrence, bromine substitution and correlation analysisBond, T; Templeton, MR; Mokhtar Kamal, NH; Graham, NJD; Kanda, R