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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Mar-2011A non-linear interface element for 3D mesoscale analysis of brick-masonry structuresMacorini, L; Izzuddin, BA
4-Jul-2016Optimal sensor placement for structural parameter identificationChisari, C; Macorini, L; Amadio, C; Izzuddin, BA
14-Nov-2018Mechanical models for local buckling of metal sandwich panelsSantos, L; Nordas, A; Izzuddin, B; Macorini, L; POSCO (South Korea), et al
14-Nov-2018High-fidelity non-linear analysis of metal sandwich panelsNordas, A; Santos, L; Izzuddin, B; Macorini, L; POSCO (South Korea), et al
6-Apr-2018Three-dimensional mesoscale modelling of multi-span masonry arch bridges subjected to scourTubaldi, E; Macorini, L; Izzuddin, BA; Commission of the European Communities
1-Feb-2019Formulae for calculating elastic local buckling stresses of full structural cross-sectionsGardner, L; Fieber, A; Macorini, L
26-Feb-2019Steel design by advanced analysis: Material modeling and strain limitsGardner, L; Yun, X; Fieber, A; Macorini, L
13-Aug-2015Flexural–torsional buckling assessment of steel beam-columns through a stiffness reduction methodKucukler, M; Gardner, L; Macorini, L
1-Oct-2015Robustness of Multistory Buildings with Masonry InfillXavier, FB; Macorini, L; Izzuddin, BA
5-Mar-2015An inverse analysis procedure for material parameter identification of mortar joints in unreinforced masonryChisari, C; Macorini, L; Amadio, C; Izzuddin, BA; Bathe, KJ, et al