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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Apr-2017Numerical modelling and parametric assessment of hybrid flat slabs with steel shear headsBompa, DV; Elghazouli, AY; Commission of the European Communities
-Valuing portfolios of interdependent real options under exogenous and endogenous uncertaintiesMaier, S; Pflug, G; Polak, J; Commission of the European Communities; Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC)
2-Nov-2016Numerical analysis and design of slender concrete-filled elliptical hollow section columns and beam-columnsQiu, W; McCann, F; Espinos, A; Romero, ML; Gardner, L, et al
10-Nov-2016Material properties and compressive local buckling response of high strength steel square and rectangular hollow sectionsWang, J; Afshan, S; Schillo, N; Theofanous, M; Feldmann, M, et al
25-Oct-2016Exploring optimal pump scheduling in water distribution networks with branch and bound methodsMenke, RM; Abraham, EA; Stoianov, IS; Parpas, PP; Commission of the European Communities, et al
19-Oct-2017Behaviour and design of high-strength steel cross-sections under combined loadingGkantou, M; Theofanous, M; Wang, J; Baniotopoulos, C; Gardner, L, et al
8-Mar-2017Structural response and continuous strength method design of slender stainless steel cross-sectionsZhao, O; Afshan, S; Gardner, L; Commission of the European Communities
29-Jun-2015Investigation of the Potential Transfer and Uptake of Contaminants into Food Arising from the use of Biosolids and other Recycled Wastes in AgricultureRigby, HL; Acker, S; Dowding, A; Fernandes, A; Humphries, D, et al
23-Oct-2016Application of pulsed UV-irradiation and pre-coagulation to control ultrafiltration membrane fouling in the treatment of micro-polluted surface water.Yu, W; Campos, LC; Graham, N; Commission of the European Communities; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
1-Jun-2019Numerical analysis and design of slender elliptical hollow sections in bendingMcCann, F; Gardner, L; Commission of the European Communities