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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2012Ambient Temperature Drying Shrinkage and Cracking in Metakaolin-Based GeopolymersKuenzel, C; Vandeperre, LJ; Donatello, S; Boccaccini, AR; Cheeseman, C
15-Sep-2016Control of drying shrinkage of magnesium silicate hydrate gel cementsZhang, T; Liang, X; Lorin, M; Wu, Z; Cheeseman, C, et al
1-Jul-2018Influence of combustion temperature on the performance of sewage sludge ash as a supplementary cementitious materialVouk, D; Nakic, D; Stirmer, N; Cheeseman, C
22-May-2017Recovery of an yttrium europium oxide phosphor from waste fluorescent tubes using a Brønsted acidic ionic liquid, 1-methylimidazolium hydrogen sulfateSchaeffer, N; Feng, X; Grimes, SM; Cheeseman, C
29-Apr-2016Optimising the bioreceptivity of porous glass tiles based on colonization by the alga Chlorella vulgarisFerrandiz-Mas, V; Bond, T; Zhang, Z; Melchiorri, J; Cheeseman, C
10-Sep-2017Sustainable infrastructure development through use of calcined excavated waste clay as a supplementary cementitious materialZhou, D; Wang, R; Tyrer, M; Wong, HS; Cheeseman, C
1-Mar-2019Development of porous glass surfaces with recoverable hydrophobicityAuwerter, LCC; Templeton, MR; Van Reeuwijk, M; O. Taiwo, O; Cheeseman, C
9-Jun-2015Properties of ceramics prepared using dry discharged waste to energy bottom ash dustBourtsalas, A; Vandeperre, L; Grimes, S; Themelis, N; Koralewska, R, et al
22-Sep-2018Novel sound absorption materials produced from air laid non-woven feather fibresDieckmann, E; Dance, S; Sheldrick, L; Cheeseman, C
15-Aug-2018Defining clogging potential for permeable concreteKia, A; Wong, HS; Cheeseman, C