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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2011Controls on preferential recharge to Chalk aquifersIreson, AM; Butler, AP
2-Dec-2013Water Vapor Transport in Soils from a Pervaporative Irrigation SystemTodman, LC; Ireson, AM; Butler, AP; Templeton, MR
30-May-2018The impact of latrine contents and emptying practices on nitrogen contamination of well water in Kathmandu Valley, NepalHammoud, AS; Leung, J; Tripathi, S; Butler, AP; Sule, MN, et al
25-Feb-2009A model for flow in the chalk unsaturated zone incorporating progressive weatheringIreson, AM; Mathias, SA; Wheater, HS; Butler, AP; Finch, J
18-Jun-2018Influence of surface geology and micro-scale land use on the shallow subsurface salinity in deltaic coastal areas: a case from southwest BangladeshRahman, AKMM; Ahmed, KM; Butler, AP; Hoque, MA
1-Sep-2008Approximate solutions for Forchheimer flow to a wellMathias, SA; Butler, AP; Zhan, H
10-Mar-2018Remote detection of saline intrusion in a coastal aquifer using borehole measurements of self potentialMacAllister, DJ; Jackson, MD; Butler, AP; Vinogradov, J
1-Jan-2018Soil osmotic potential and its effect on vapor flow from a pervaporative irrigation membraneTodman, LC; Chhang, A; Riordan, HJ; Brooks, D; Butler, AP, et al
29-Jul-2015Why well yield matters for managing agricultural drought riskFoster, T; Brozović, N; Butler, AP
18-Apr-2017Temporal scaling phenomena in groundwater-floodplain systems using robust detrended fluctuation analysisHabib, A; Sorensen, JPR; Bloomfield, JP; Muchan, K; Newell, AJ, et al