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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2013Strength enhancements in cold-formed structural sections - Part II: Predictive modelsRossi, B; Afshan, S; Gardner, L
20-Jul-2016Prevention of PVDF ultrafiltration membrane fouling by coating MnO2 nanoparticles with ozonationBrown, M; Graham, NJD
1-Feb-2016Compressive behaviour and design of prestressed steel elementsGosaye, J; Gardner, L; Wadee, MA; Ellen, ME
15-Dec-2014Modelling shared space users via rule-based social force modelAnvari B; Bell MGH; Sivakumar A; Ocheing WY
11-Mar-2016Demonstrating demand response from water distribution system through pump schedulingMenke, R; Abraham, E; Parpas, P; Stoianov, I
1-Mar-2016Panta Rhei 2013-2015: global perspectives on hydrology, society and changeMcMillan, H; Montanari, A; Cudennec, C; Savenije, H; Kreibich, H, et al
17-Oct-2016Economic analysis of wider benefits to facilitate SuDS uptake in London, UKOssa-Moreno, J; Smith, KM; Mijic, A
31-Dec-2015Sensitivity of urban drainage models to the spatial-temporal resolution of rainfall inputs: A multi-storm, multi-catchment investigationOchoa-Rodriguez, S; Wang, L; Gires, A; Reinoso Rondinel, R; Pina, RD, et al
13-Oct-2016The wood from the trees: the use of timber in constructionRamage, MH; Burridge, H; Busse-Wicher, M; Fereday, G; Reynolds, T, et al
11-Feb-2016Impact of persulfate and ultraviolet light activated persulfate pre-oxidation on the formation of trihalomethanes, haloacetonitriles and halonitromethanes from the chlor(am)ination of three antibiotic chloramphenicolsChu, W; Chu, T; Bond, T; Du, E; Guo, Y, et al