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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2013Slope topography effects on ground motion in the presence of deep soil layersTripe, R; Kontoe, S; Wong, TKC
25-Feb-2009An assessment of the domain reduction method as an advanced boundary condition and some pitfalls in the use of conventional absorbing boundariesKontoe, S; Zdravkovic, L; Potts, DM
1-Jan-2015A case study on the seismic performance of earth damsPelecanos, L; Kontoe, S; Zdravkovic, L
1-Mar-2013An important pitfall of pseudo-static finite element analysisKontoe, S; Pelecanos, L; Potts, D
1-Nov-2012An exploration of incorporating site response into PSHA-part II: Sensitivity of hazard estimates to site response approachesPapaspiliou, M; Kontoe, S; Bommer, JJ
15-Apr-2018The effects of dam-reservoir interaction on the nonlinear seismic response of earth damsPelecanos, L; Kontoe, S; Zdravkovic, L
7-Jul-2018Stabilisation of excavated slopes in strain softening materials with pilesSummersgill, F; Kontoe, S; Potts, DM; Geotechnical Consulting Group; Geotechnical Consulting Group
24-Oct-2016On the use of nonlocal regularisation in slope stability problemsSummersgill; Kontoe, S; Potts, D; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
18-Jan-2018Ageing and cyclic behaviour of axially loaded piles driven in chalkBuckley, RM; Jardine, R; Kontoe, S; Parker, D; Schroeder, FC, et al
26-Sep-2016International Benchmark on Numerical Simulations for 1D, Nonlinear Site Response (PRENOLIN): Verification Phase Based on Canonical CasesR├ęgnier, J; Bonilla, LF; Bard, PY; Bertrand, E; Hollender, F, et al