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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Apr-2019Lipocalin-2 is a sensitive and specific marker of bacterial iInfection in childrenHerberg, J; Huang, H; Thezenas, M; Janes, V; Carter, M, et al
6-Mar-2019Understanding the artificial intelligence clinician and optimal treatment strategies for sepsis in intensive careKomorowski, M; Celi, LA; Badawi, O; Gordon, AC; Faisal, AA
3-Jul-2019Improving the generalizability of convolutional neural network-based segmentation on CMR imagesChen, C; Bai, W; Davies, RH; Bhuva, AN; Manisty, C, et al
5-Jul-2019In vivo biocompatibility and immunogenicity of metal-phenolic gelationBjörnmalm, M; Wong, LM; Wojciechowski, J; Penders, J; Horgan, C, et al
18-Jul-2019TGFβ in the obese liver mediates conversion of NK cells to a less cytotoxic ILC1-like phenotypeCuff, A; Sillito, F; Dertschnig, S; Hall, A; Luong, TV, et al
20-Mar-2019Tbet promotes NK cell bone marrow egress via CXCR6 expressionCuff, A; Perchet, T; Dertschnig, S; Golub, R; Male, V
22-Jul-2019A comparison of the maximum entropy principle across biological spatial scalesCofre, R; Herzog, R; Corcoran, D; Rosas, F
2-Apr-2019Data disclosure under perfect sample privacyRassouli, B; Rosas, FE; Gunduz, D