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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-2017Metabolic phenotyping of diet and dietary IntakeBrignardello, J; Holmes, E; Garcia-Perez, I
14-Aug-2015RNA activationZhao, X; Voutila, J; Habib, N; Reebye, V; Nakao, K, et al
1-Jan-2019Medico de familia e communidade na saudi publicaRawaf, S; Rawaf, DL; Gusso, G; Lopes, JMC; Dias, LD
27-Feb-2013Silencing of transgene expression: A gene therapy perspectiveTolmachov, OE; Subkhankulova, T; Tolmachova, T; Martin Molina, F
31-Dec-2014Anticancer Gene Transfer for Cancer Gene TherapyPazarentzos, E; Mazarakis, ND; Grimm, S
26-Nov-2015Methods of Transfection with Messenger RNA Gene VectorsTolmachov, OE; Tolmachova, T; Hashad, D
1-Jun-2016Respiratory Syncytial VirusJha, A; Jarvis, H; Fraser, C; Openshaw, PJ; Hui, DS, et al
21-Feb-2018Gene expression during the activation of human B cellsZhang, Y; Uchiumi, F
1-Jan-2012Family Physicians and Public Health (Medico de familia na sauce publica)Rawaf, S; Gusso, G; Lopes, JMC
30-Aug-2018The economics of infectious diseasesHauck, KD; Jones, A; National Institute for Health Research; Pepfar, NIAID, NIMH, NIDA, BMGF; Department for International Development (UK) (DFI, et al