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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Dec-2016MMP-1 activation contributes to airway smooth muscle growth and asthma severityNaveed, SU; Clements, D; Jackson, DJ; Philp, C; Billington, CK, et al
12-Apr-2016ReplyBønnelykke, K; Vissing, NH; Sevelsted, A; Johnston, SL; Bisgaard, H, et al
1-Oct-2016Functional and genetic predisposition to rhinovirus lower respiratory tract infections in prematurely born infantsDrysdale, SB; Alcazar, M; Wilson, T; Smith, M; Zuckerman, M, et al
7-Oct-2016Vitamin D modulation of innate immune responses to respiratory viral infectionsZdrenghea, MT; Makrinioti, H; Bagacean, C; Bush, A; Johnston, SL, et al
8-Jun-2016Human rhinoviruses enter and induce proliferation of B lymphocytesAab, A; Wirz, O; Van de Veen, W; Söllner, S; Stanic, B, et al