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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2015Modeling in vivo interactions of engineered nanoparticles in the pulmonary alveolar lining fluidMukherjee, D; Porter, A; Ryan, M; Schwander, S; Chung, KF, et al
29-Dec-2017Cell-accurate optical mapping across the entire developing heartWeber, M; Scherf, N; Meyer, AM; Panakova, D; Kohl, P, et al
10-Mar-2017Monte Carlo Simulations of Diffusion Weighted MRI in Myocardium: Validation and Sensitivity Analysis.Bates, J; McClymont, D; Teh, I; Kohl, P; Schneider, J, et al
16-Jun-2016Mapping cardiac microstructure of rabbit heart in different mechanical states by high resolution diffusion tensor imaging: A proof-of-principle study.Teh, I; Burton, RA; McClymont, D; Capel, RA; Aston, D, et al
10-Jul-2017Electrospun aniline-tetramer-co-polycaprolactone fibres for conductive, biodegradable scaffoldsGuex, AG; Spicer, CD; Armgarth, A; Gelmi, A; Humphrey, EJ, et al
19-Sep-2016Axial tubule junctions control rapid calcium signaling in atria.Brandenburg, S; Kohl, T; Williams, GS; Gusev, K; Wagner, E, et al
26-Sep-2016Evaluation of non-Gaussian diffusion in cardiac MRI.McClymont, D; Teh, I; Carruth, E; Omens, J; McCulloch, A, et al
21-Nov-2016Titin truncating variants affect heart function in disease cohorts and the general populationSchafer, S; De Marvao, A; Adami, E; Fiedler, LR; Ng, B, et al
30-Mar-2017Multi-modal hydrogel-based platform to deliver and monitor cardiac progenitor/stem cell engraftmentSpeidel, AT; Stuckey, DJ; Chow, LW; Jackson, LH; Noseda, M, et al
17-Jan-2017High resolution structural evidence suggests the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum forms microdomains with Acidic Stores (lysosomes) in the heartAston, D; Capel, RA; Ford, KL; Christian, HC; Mirams, GR, et al