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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2006Statin-induced expression of CD59 on vascular endothelium in hypoxia: a potential mechanism for the anti-inflammatory actions of statins in rheumatoid arthritisKinderlerer, AR; Steinberg, R; Johns, M; Harten, SK; Lidington, EA, et al
1-Jan-2006Global systems biology, personalized medicine and molecular epidemiologyNicholson, JK
1-Jan-2006A framework for dialogue detection in moviesKotti, M; Kotropoulos, C; ZiĆ²lko, B; Pitas, I; Moschou, V
31-Mar-2006Speaker change detection using BIC: a comparison on two datasetsKotti, M; Benetos, E; Kotropoulos, C; Martins, LG
6-Nov-2006Lactate levels in severe malarial anaemia are associated with haemozoin-containing neutrophils and low levels of IL-12Casals-Pascual, C; Kai, O; Lowe, B; English, M; Williams, TN, et al
31-Jan-2006Characterization of skeletal phenotypes of TRalpha1 and TRbeta mutant mice: implications for tissue thyroid status and T3 target gene expression.O'Shea, PJ; Bassett, JH; Cheng, SY; Williams, GR
1-Sep-2006A systematic genetic analysis in Neisseria meningitidis defines the Pil proteins required for assembly, functionality, stabilization and export of type IV piliCarbonnelle, E; Helaine, S; Nassif, X; Pelicic, V
1-Oct-2006Meningococcal adhesion suppresses proapoptotic gene expression and promotes expression of genes supporting early embryonic and cytoprotective signaling of human endothelial cellsLinhartova, I; Basler, M; Ichikawa, J; Pelicic, V; Osicka, R, et al
31-May-2006National audit of post-operative management in spinal surgeryMcGregor, AH; Dicken, B; Jamrozik, K
22-Aug-2006Metabolic profiling of CSF: Evidence that early intervention may impact on disease progression and outcome in schizophreniaHolmes, E; Tsang, TM; Huang, JT-J; Leweke, FM; Koethe, D, et al