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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2004Insulin and metabolic substrates during human sepsisFinney, SJ
1-Nov-2004Consensus clustering and functional interpretation of gene-expression data.Swift, S; Tucker, A; Vinciotti, V; Martin, N; Orengo, C, et al
13-Dec-2004HIV-specific cytotoxic T cells from long-term survivors select a unique T cell receptorDong, T; Stewart-Jones, G; Chen, N; Easterbrook, P; Xu, XN, et al
1-Dec-2004HLA class-I and class-II allele frequencies and two-locus haplotypes in Melanesians of Vanuatu and New CaledoniaMaitland, K; Bunce, M; Harding, RM; Barnardo, MCNM; Clegg, JB, et al
27-Sep-2004The Journal of Inflammation.Punchard, NA; Whelan, CJ; Adcock, I
30-Mar-2004Outcome of patients with HIV-related germ cell tumours: a case-control studyPowles, T; Bower, M; Shamash, J; Stebbing, J; Ong, J, et al
1-Mar-2004Three novel pigmentation mutants generated by genome-wide random ENU mutagenesis in the mouseTsipouri, V; Curtin, JA; Nolan, PM; Vizor, L; Parsons, CA, et al
5-Jul-2004Effectiveness of preoperative staging in rectal cancer: digital rectal examination, endoluminal ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging?Brown, G; Davies, S; Williams, GT; Bourne, MW; Newcombe, RG, et al
6-Sep-2004Theophylline restores histone deacetylase activity and steroid responses in COPD macrophagesCosio, BG; Tsaprouni, L; Ito, K; Jazrawi, E; Adcock, IM, et al
17-Feb-2004Promyelocytic leukemia nuclear bodies associate with transcriptionally active genomic regionsWang, J; Shiels, C; Sasieni, P; Wu, PJ; Islam, SA, et al