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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2002High rates of tuberculosis in end-stage renal failure: The impact of international migrationMoore, DAJ; Lightstone, L; Javid, B; Friedland, JS
29-Apr-2002Vav1 transduces T cell receptor signals to the activation of phospholipase C-gamma 1 via phosphoinositide 3-kinase-dependent and -independent pathwaysReynolds, LF; Smyth, LA; Norton, T; Freshney, N; Downward, J, et al
27-Sep-2002Assessment of differential gene expression in human peripheral nerve injuryXiao, YY; Segal, MR; Rabert, D; Ahn, AH; Anand, P, et al
31-Dec-2002Consumption of vegetables, fruit and other plant foods in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) cohorts from 10 European countries.Agudo, A; Slimani, N; Ocké, MC; Naska, A; Miller, AB, et al
3-Apr-2002Bronchial artery delivery of viral vectors for gene delivery in cystic fibrosis; superior to airway delivery?Bakhai A; Sheridan DJ; Coutelle C
20-Nov-2002Dissociation of DNA damage and mitochondrial injury caused by hydrogen peroxide in SV-40 transformed lung epithelial cellsFujii, Y; Tomita, K; Sano, H; Yamasaki, A; Hitsuda, Y, et al
9-Dec-2002VCIP135, a novel essential factor for p97/p47-mediated membrane fusion, is required for Golgi and ER assembly in vivoUchiyama, K; Jokitalo, E; Kano, F; Murata, M; Zhang, XD, et al
8-Apr-2002Clues from HypercalcaemiaNicholson S; Waxman J
7-Jan-2002The absence of interleukin 9 does not affect the development of allergen-induced pulmonary inflammation nor airway hyperreactivityMcMillan, S; Bishop, B; Townsend, MJ; McKenzie, AN; Lloyd, CM
1-Aug-2002Distribution of endothelial cell protein C/activated protein C receptor (EPCR) during mouse embryo development.Crawley, JT; Gu, JM; Ferrell, G; Esmon, CT