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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2003Ciguatera poisoning in VanuatuGoodman, A; Williams, TN; Maitland, K
16-Dec-2008Survival and haematological recovery of children with severe malaria transfused in accordance to WHO guidelines in Kilifi, KenyaAkech, SO; Hassall, O; Pamba, A; Idro, R; Williams, TN, et al
1-Jul-2008Incidence and clinical characteristics of group A rotavirus infections among children admitted to hospital in Kilifi, KenyaNokes, DJ; Abwao, J; Pamba, A; Peenze, I; Dewar, J, et al
6-Nov-2006Lactate levels in severe malarial anaemia are associated with haemozoin-containing neutrophils and low levels of IL-12Casals-Pascual, C; Kai, O; Lowe, B; English, M; Williams, TN, et al
12-Jun-2009Homozygosity and risk of childhood death due to invasive bacterial diseaseLyons, EJ; Amos, W; Berkley, JA; Mwangi, I; Shafi, M, et al
1-Dec-2004HLA class-I and class-II allele frequencies and two-locus haplotypes in Melanesians of Vanuatu and New CaledoniaMaitland, K; Bunce, M; Harding, RM; Barnardo, MCNM; Clegg, JB, et al
3-Oct-2007Haemoglobin C and S role in acquired immunity against Plasmodium falciparum malariaVerra, F; Simpore, J; Warimwe, GM; Tetteh, KK; Howard, T, et al
15-Jul-2009Positive selection of a CD36 nonsense variant in sub-Saharan Africa, but no association with severe malaria phenotypesFry, AE; Ghansa, A; Small, KS; Palma, A; Auburn, S, et al
15-Jan-2009Lack of Association of Interferon Regulatory Factor 1 with Severe Malaria in Affected Child-Parental Trio Studies across Three African PopulationsMangano, VD; Clark, TG; Auburn, S; Campino, S; Diakite, M, et al
1-May-2006The effect of alpha(+)-thalassaemia on the incidence of malaria and other diseases in children living on the coast of KenyaWambua, S; Mwangi, TW; Kortok, M; Uyoga, SM; Macharia, AW, et al