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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2009Density-dependent effects on the weight of female Ascaris lumbricoides infections of humans and its impact on patterns of egg productionWalker, M; Hall, A; Anderson, RM; Basanez, M-G
1-Mar-2009Estimating Household and Community Transmission of Ocular Chlamydia trachomatisBlake, IM; Burton, MJ; Bailey, RL; Solomon, AW; West, S, et al
1-Nov-2008Population Genetics of Schistosoma japonicum within the Philippines Suggest High Levels of Transmission between Humans and DogsRudge, JW; Carabin, H; Balolong, E; Tallo, V; Shrivastava, J, et al
12-Oct-2009Anopheles mortality is both age- and Plasmodium-density dependent: implications for malaria transmissionDawes, EJ; Churcher, TS; Zhuang, S; Sinden, RE; Basanez, M-G, et al
1-Apr-2008An Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Inbreeding in Wuchereria bancrofti: Implications for the Spread and Detection of Drug ResistanceChurcher, TS; Schwab, AE; Prichard, RK; Basanez, M-G; Medical Research Council (MRC)
21-Jan-2009Onchocerciasis Control: Vision for the Future from a Ghanian perspectiveTaylor, MJ; Awadzi, K; Basanez, M-G; Biritwum, N; Boakye, D, et al
1-Oct-2009Measuring Morbidity Associated with Urinary Schistosomiasis: Assessing Levels of Excreted Urine Albumin and Urinary Tract PathologiesSousa-Figueiredo, JC; Basanez, M-G; Khamis, IS; Garba, A; Rollinson, D, et al
1-Sep-2006River blindness: A success story under threat?Basanez, M-G; Pion, SDS; Churcher, TS; Breitling, LP; Little, MP, et al
1-Dec-2007Progression of Plasmodium berghei through Anopheles stephensi is density-dependentSinden, RE; Dawes, EJ; Alavi, Y; Waldock, J; Finney, O, et al
16-Jun-2009The Development of an Age-Structured Model for Trachoma Transmission Dynamics, Pathogenesis and ControlGambhir, M; Basanez, M-G; Burton, MJ; Solomon, AW; Bailey, RL, et al