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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2015Health promotion, disease prevention and periodic health checks: perceptions and practice among family physicians in eastern Mediterranean regionQidwai, W; Nanji, K; Khoja, TAM; Rawaf, S; Alnasir, F, et al
12-Jul-2017Calcium-activated SK channels control firing regularity by modulating sodium channel availability in midbrain dopamine neuronsIyer, R; Ungless, M; Faisal, AA; The Royal Society
1-Jun-2011Attention deficits following ADEM ameliorated by guanfacineSingh-Curry, V; Malhotra, P; Farmer, SF; Husain, M
20-Jul-2015Binding of cyclic Di-AMP to the staphylococcus aureus sensor kinase KdpD occurs via the universal stress protein domain and downregulates the expression of the Kdp potassium transporterMoscoso, JA; Schramke, H; Zhang, Y; Tosi, T; Dehbi, A, et al
27-Dec-2010Bio-informatics analysis of a gene co-expression module in adipose tissue containing the diet-responsive gene NnatLi, X; Thomason, PA; Withers, DJ; Scott, J
8-Apr-2010Antimicrobials in children admitted to hospital in malaria endemic areasMaitland, K
10-Feb-2017The binding capacity of α1β1-, α2β1- and α10β1-integrins depends on non-collagenous surface macromolecules rather than the collagens in cartilage fibrils.Woltersdorf, C; Bonk, M; Leitinger, B; Huhtala, M; Käpylä, J, et al
21-Oct-2015A long-term follow-up of patients with prolonged asystole of greater than 15s on head-up tilt testing.Sau, A; Mereu, R; Taraborrelli, P; Dhutia, NM; Willson, K, et al
1-Feb-2010The hospital standardised mortality ratio: a powerful tool for Dutch hospitals to assess their quality of care?Jarman, B; Pieter, D; van der Veen, AA; Kool, RB; Aylin, P, et al
26-Jan-2010Function after spinal treatment, exercise and rehabilitation (FASTER): improving the functional outcome of spinal surgeryMcGregor, AH; Dore, CJ; Morris, TP; Morris, S; Jamrozik, K