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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2015Improving outcomes in patients with Acute Kidney Injury: the impact of hospital based automated AKI alertsPrendecki, M; Blacker, E; Sadeghi-Alavijeh, O; Edwards, R; Montgomery, H, et al
30-Apr-2015Receipt of glucose testing and performance of two US diabetes screening guidelines, 2007-2012Bullard, KM; Ali, MK; Imperatore, G; Geiss, LS; Saydah, SH, et al
17-Jul-2018Circulating noncoding RNAs as candidate biomarkers of endocrine and metabolicSebastiani, G; Guay, C; Latreille, M
31-Jan-2019Oral versus intravenous antibiotics for bone and joint infectionLi, H-K; Rombach, I; Zambellas, R; Walker, AS; McNally, MA, et al
31-Jul-2018Variation at the TRIM11 locus modifies Progressive Supranuclear Palsy phenotypeJabbari, E; Woodside, J; Tan, M; Shoai, M; Pittman, A, et al
1-Feb-2019Cholesterol-lowering agents. Statins - for everyone?Hadjiphilippou, S; Ray, KK
20-Aug-2018Normothermic ex-vivo liver perfusion: where do we stand?Jayant, K; Reccia, I; Shapiro, AMJ
28-Feb-2018Role of a prolonged inpatient admission when evaluating children with problematic severe asthma.Nagakumar, P; Gambir, N; Sanghani, N; Hall, P; Jamalzadeh, A, et al
1-Oct-2018Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use and breast cancer risk in a European prospective cohort studyCairat, M; Fournier, A; Murphy, N; Biessy, C; Scalbert, A, et al
28-Apr-2018Biological exacerbation clusters demonstrate asthma and COPD overlap with distinct mediator and microbiome profiles.Ghebre, MA; Pang, PH; Diver, S; Desai, D; Bafadhel, M, et al