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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2000Innate recognition of bacteria in human milk is mediated by a milk-derived highly expressed pattern recognition receptor, soluble CD14.Lab├ęta, MO; Vidal, K; Nores, JE; Arias, M; Vita, N, et al
1-Feb-2003HLA class II polymorphisms and susceptibility to recurrent respiratory papillomatosis.Gelder, CM; Williams, OM; Hart, KW; Wall, S; Williams, G, et al
11-Jun-2007Th2-driven, allergen-induced airway inflammation is reduced after treatment with anti-Tim-3 antibody in vivoKearley, J; McMillan, SJ; Lloyd, CM
1-Jan-2007Combined sterno-clavicular approach as an alternative technique in hybrid exclusion of aortic arch aneurysmProtopapas, AD; Rao, C; Choong, A; Cheshire, NJW; Athanasiou, T
6-Jul-2009Peptide immunotherapy in allergic asthma generates IL-10-dependent immunological tolerance associated with linked epitope suppressionCampbell, JD; Buckland, KF; McMillan, SJ; Kearley, J; Oldfield, WLG, et al
1-Aug-2004Insulin and metabolic substrates during human sepsisFinney, SJ
1-Oct-2008Systemic multicompartmental effects of the gut microbiome on mouse metabolic phenotypesClaus, SP; Tsang, TM; Wang, Y; Cloarec, O; Skordi, E, et al
1-Jul-2008Incidence and clinical characteristics of group A rotavirus infections among children admitted to hospital in Kilifi, KenyaNokes, DJ; Abwao, J; Pamba, A; Peenze, I; Dewar, J, et al
6-Nov-2006Lactate levels in severe malarial anaemia are associated with haemozoin-containing neutrophils and low levels of IL-12Casals-Pascual, C; Kai, O; Lowe, B; English, M; Williams, TN, et al
1-Apr-2008Evidence that high von Willebrand factor and low ADAMTS-13 levels independently increase the risk of a non-fatal heart attackCrawley, JTB; Lane, DA; Woodward, M; Rumley, A; Lowe, GDO