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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2009Long-term effects of allergen sensitization and exposure in adult asthma: a prospective study.Fowler, SJ; Langley, SJ; Truman, NJ; Woodcock, A; Simpson, A, et al
24-Jun-2008Gene-environment interaction in the onset of eczema in infancy: filaggrin loss-of-function mutations enhanced by neonatal cat exposure.Bisgaard, H; Simpson, A; Palmer, CN; Bønnelykke, K; McLean, I, et al
1-Mar-2007Active smoking among asthmatic youth--how concerned we need to be.Semic-Jusufagic, A; Custovic, A
30-May-2009Epidemiology of antituberculosis drug resistance 2002-07: an updated analysis of the Global Project on Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Resistance SurveillanceWright, AW; Zignol, M; Van Deun, A; Falzon, D; Gerdes, SR, et al
1-Jan-2006A framework for dialogue detection in moviesKotti, M; Kotropoulos, C; Ziòlko, B; Pitas, I; Moschou, V
31-May-2008MUSCLE movie-database: a multimodal corpus with rich annotation for dialogue and saliency detectionSpachos, D; Zlantintsi, A; Moschou, V; Antonopoulos, P; Benetos, E, et al
31-Mar-2006Speaker change detection using BIC: a comparison on two datasetsKotti, M; Benetos, E; Kotropoulos, C; Martins, LG
31-Aug-2007Neural network-based movie dialogue detectionKotti, M; Benetos, E; Kotropoulos, C
1-Jul-2008Top-down systems biology integration of conditional prebiotic modulated transgenomic interactions in a humanized microbiome mouse modelMartin, F-PJ; Wang, Y; Sprenger, N; Yap, IKS; Rezzi, S, et al
12-Dec-2007Impact of Resistant Starch on Body Fat Patterning and Central Appetite RegulationSo, P-W; Yu, W-S; Kuo, Y-T; Wasserfall, C; Goldstone, AP, et al