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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2015Operational optimization of networks of compressors considering condition-based maintenanceXenos, DP; Kopanos, GM; Cicciotti, M; Thornhill, NF
18-Oct-2015Adapting nearest neighbors-based monitoring methods to irregularly sampled measurementsCecilio, IM; Ottewill, JR; Thornhill, NF
1-Nov-2011Comparison of Three Electromechanical Oscillation Damping Estimation MethodsTurunen, J; Thambirajah, J; Larsson, M; Pal, BC; Thornhill, NF, et al
1-Dec-2006Using process topology in plant-wide control loop performance assessmentYim, SY; Ananthakumar, HG; Benabbas, L; Horch, A; Drathb, R, et al
1-Apr-1999Refinery-wide control loop performance assessmentThornhill, NF; Oettinger, M; Fedenczuk, P
1-Sep-2003Controller performance assessment in set point tracking and regulatory controlThornhill, NF; Huang, B; Shah, SL
1-Oct-1997Detection and diagnosis of oscillation in control loopsThornhill, NF; Hagglund, T
1-May-2005Modelling valve stictionChoudhury, MAAS; Thornhill, NF; Shah, SL
23-Feb-2009Cause-and-effect analysis in chemical processes utilizing XML, plant connectivity and quantitative process historyThambirajah, J; Benabbas, L; Bauer, M; Thornhill, NF
1-Mar-2013Integration of Stochastic Simulation with Multivariate Analysis: Short-Term Facility Fit PredictionStonier, A; Pain, D; Westlake, A; Hutchinson, N; Thornhill, NF, et al