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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Dec-2016Biocompatibility and bioactivity of porous polymer-derived Ca-Mg silicate ceramics.Fiocco, L; Li, S; Stevens, MM; Bernardo, E; Jones, JR
23-Jun-2014Poly(gamma-glutamic acid)/Silica Hybrids with Calcium Incorporated in the Silica Network by Use of a Calcium Alkoxide PrecursorPoologasundarampillai, G; Yu, B; Tsigkou, O; Wang, D; Romer, F, et al
24-May-2016Harnessing the versatility of bacterial collagen to improve the chondrogenic potential of porous collagen scaffoldsStevens, MM; Parmar, P; St-Pierre, J; Chow, L; Puetzer, J, et al
3-Mar-2016Combinatorial low-volume synthesis of well-defined polymers by enzyme degassingChapman, R; Gormley, AJ; Stenzel, MH; Stevens, MM
5-May-2017One-pot synthesis of multiple protein-encapsulated DNA flowers and their application in intracellular protein deliveryKim, E; Zwi Dantsis, L; Reznikov, N; Hansel, CS; Agarwal, S, et al
1-May-2015Biodegradable nanoneedles for localized delivery of nanoparticles in vivo: Exploring the biointerfaceChiappini, C; Martinez, JO; De Rosa, E; Almeida, CS; Tasciotti, E, et al
17-Feb-2015Gold-silica quantum rattles for multimodal imaging and therapyHembury, M; Chiappini, C; Bertazzo, S; Kalber, TL; Drisko, GL, et al
31-May-2017Electron Hopping Across Hemin-Doped Serum Albumin Mats on Centimetre-Length ScalesAmdursky, N; Wang, X; Meredith, P; Riley, DJ; Payne, DJ, et al
22-Apr-2014Biologically-active laminin-111 fragment that modulates the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in embryonic stem cellsHorejs, C-M; Serio, A; Purvis, A; Gormley, AJ; Bertazzo, S, et al
30-Mar-2017Multi-modal hydrogel-based platform to deliver and monitor cardiac progenitor/stem cell engraftmentSpeidel, AT; Stuckey, DJ; Chow, LW; Jackson, LH; Noseda, M, et al