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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2007Comparison of various fluid-structure interaction methods for deformable bodiesvan Loon, R; Anderson, PD; van De Vosse, FN; Sherwin, SJ
10-Dec-2007Wake dynamics of external flow past a curved circular cylinder with the free stream aligned with the plane of curvatureMiliou, A; De Vecchi, A; Sherwin, SJ; Graham, JMR
-A combined numerical and experimental framework for determining permeability properties of the arterial mediaComerford, A; Chooi, KY; Nowak, M; Weinberg, PD; Sherwin, SJ
1-Apr-2009Mixing through stirring of steady flow in small amplitude helical tubes.Cookson, AN; Doorly, DJ; Sherwin, SJ
1-Jan-2002Combined MR imaging and numerical simulation of flow in realistic arterial bypass graft models.Papaharilaou, Y; Doorly, DJ; Sherwin, SJ; Peiro, J; Griffith, C, et al
25-May-2008Convective instability and transient growth in flow over a backward-facing stepBlackburn, HM; Barkley, D; Sherwin, SJ
1-Dec-2003One-dimensional modelling of a vascular network in space-time variablesSherwin, SJ; Franke, V; Peiro, J; Parker, K
1-Sep-2002The influence of out-of-plane geometry on pulsatile flow within a distal end-to-side anastomosis.Papaharilaou, Y; Doorly, DJ; Sherwin, SJ
10-Jun-2009Linear instability analysis of low-pressure turbine flowsAbdessemed, N; Sherwin, SJ; Theofilis, V
1-Jan-2015An isoparametric approach to high-order curvilinear boundary-layer meshingMoxey, D; Green, MD; Sherwin, SJ; Peiro, J