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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Aug-2013Linear-scaling time-dependent density-functional theory in the linear response formalismZuehlsdorff, TJ; Hine, NDM; Spencer, JS; Harrison, NM; Riley, DJ, et al
21-Apr-2016Charge-carrier density independent mobility in amorphous fluorene-triarylamine copolymersCampbell, AJ; Rawcliffe, R; Guite, A; Costa Dantas Faria, J; Mukherjee, A, et al
1-Jan-2015Stability study of tubular DNA origami in the presence of protein crystallisation bufferWang, D; Da, Z; Zhang, B; Isbell, MA; Dong, Y, et al
23-Jun-2016Comparison of a novel organic-fluid thermofluidic heat converter and an organic Rankine cycle heat engineKirmse, CJW; Oyewunmi, OA; Haslam, AJ; Markides, C
10-Aug-2015Projection-free approximate balanced truncation of large unstable systemsFlinois, TL; Morgans, AS; Schmid, PJ
30-Jun-2015Three-dimensional modeling of clinoforms in shallow-marine reservoirs: Part 2. Impact on fluid flow and hydrocarbon recovery in fluvial-dominated deltaic reservoirsGraham, GH; Jackson, MD; Hampson, GJ
30-Jun-2015Three-dimensional modeling of clinoforms in shallow-marine reservoirs: Part 1. Concepts and applicationGraham, GH; Jackson, MD; Hampson, GJ
27-Feb-2012Soaking of pine wood chips with ionic liquids for reduced energy input during grindingBrandt, A; Erickson, JK; Hallett, JP; Murphy, RJ; Potthast, A, et al
2-Jul-2015Measurement of mechanical strength of glass-to-metal jointsSelcuk, A; Atkinson, A
10-Feb-2014Extended scale for the hydrogen-bond basicity of ionic liquidsClaudio, AFM; Swift, L; Hallett, JP; Welton, T; Coutinho, JAP, et al