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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2010Benchmarking hybrid algorithms for distributed constraint optimisation gamesChapman, A; Rogers, A; Jennings, N
1-Apr-2012Decentralized approaches for self-adaptation in agent organizationsKota, R; Gibbins, N; Jennings, N
23-Jul-2011Algorithms and mechanisms for procuring services with uncertain durations using redundancyStein, S; Gerding, E; Rogers, A; Larson, K; Jennings, N
31-Dec-2010A decentralised coordination algorithm for maximising sensor coverage in large sensor networksStranders, R; Rogers, A; Jennings, N
31-May-2009Decentralised Control of Continuously Valued Control Parameters using the Max-Sum AlgorithmStranders, R; Farinelli, A; Rogers, A; Jennings, N
31-Dec-2008A Decentralized, On-line Coordination Mechanism for Monitoring Spatial Phenomena with Mobile SensorsStranders, R; Rogers, A; Jennings, N
31-Dec-2001The organisation of social mental shopping: a manifesto for a new science of multi-agent systemsJennings, N; Panzarasa, P
1-Nov-2010A decentralised coordination algorithm for mobile sensorsStranders, R; Fave, FMD; Rogers, A; Jennings, N
1-Dec-2010Automated planning in repeated adversarial gamesCote, EMD; Chapman, A; Sykulski, AM; Jennings, N
31-May-2011U-GDL: A decentralised algorithm for DCOPs with UncertaintyStranders, R; Fave, FMD; Rogers, A; Jennings, N