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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-May-2016SAMBA: Sparse Approximation of Moment-Based Arbitrary Polynomial ChaosAhlfeld, R; Belkouchi, B; Montomoli, F
21-Apr-2015Spectral/hp element methods for plane Newtonian extrudate swellClaus, S; Cantwell, C; Phillips, T
11-Feb-2016Type-checking Liveness for Collaborative Processes with Bounded and Unbounded RecursionDebois, S; Hildebrandt, T; Slaats, T; Yoshida, N
1-Oct-2015Interface control volume finite element method for modelling multi-phase fluid flow in highly heterogeneous and fractured reservoirsAbushaikha, AS; Blunt, MJ; Gosselin, OR; Pain, CC; Jackson, MD
1-Feb-2015Forbidding undesirable agreementsTurrini, P; Grossi, D; Broersen, J; Meyer, J-JC
1-Oct-2015Techniques for automated local activation time annotation and conduction velocity estimation in cardiac mappingCantwell, CD; Roney, CH; Ng, FS; Siggers, JH; Sherwin, SJ, et al
1-Jan-2014Decidability of model checking multi-agent systems against a class of EHS specificationsLomuscio, AR; Michaliszyn, J
6-Aug-2014Application of B-splines and curved geometries to boundaries in SPHBarker, DJ; Brito-Parada, P; Neethling, SJ
15-Jan-2014Accelerated finite element elastodynamic simulations using the GPUHuthwaite, P
16-Apr-2010Benchmarking hybrid algorithms for distributed constraint optimisation gamesChapman, A; Rogers, A; Jennings, N