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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-May-2016FRESH – FRI-based single-image super-resolution algorithmDragotti, P; Wei, X
30-Jun-2016Shifting Regret, Mirror Descent, and MatricesGyorgy, A; Szepesvari, C
11-Feb-2016Type-checking Liveness for Collaborative Processes with Bounded and Unbounded RecursionDebois, S; Hildebrandt, T; Slaats, T; Yoshida, N
9-Jun-2016A unified framework for compositional fitting of active appearance modelsAlabort-i-Medina, J; Zafeiriou, S
13-Mar-2016Quicksort Revisited: Verifying Alternative Versions of QuicksortCertezeanu, R; Drossopoulou, S; Egelund-Muller, B; Leino, KRM; Sivarajan, S, et al
4-Nov-2015Robust correlated and individual component analysisPanagakis, Y; Nicolaou, M; Zafeiriou, S; Pantic, M
16-Apr-2010Benchmarking hybrid algorithms for distributed constraint optimisation gamesChapman, A; Rogers, A; Jennings, N
1-Apr-2012Decentralized approaches for self-adaptation in agent organizationsKota, R; Gibbins, N; Jennings, N
1-Jun-2009Trust-based mechanisms for robust and efficient task allocation in the presence of execution uncertaintyRamchurn, SD; Mezzetti, C; Giovannucci, A; Rodriguez-Aguilar, JA; Dash, RK, et al
22-Apr-2015The MAHNOB Mimicry Database: A database of naturalistic human interactionsBilakhia, S; Petridis, S; Nijholt, A; Pantic, M