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17-Mar-2016Supercritical fluid recycle for surge control of CO2 centrifugal compressorsBudinis, S; Thornhill, N
24-Jun-2016The influence of fines content and size-ratio on the micro-scale properties of dense bimodal materialsShire, T; O'Sullivan, C; Hanley, KJ
21-Apr-2015Spectral/hp element methods for plane Newtonian extrudate swellClaus, S; Cantwell, C; Phillips, T
4-Mar-2016Dynamic coupled thermal-and-electrical modelling of sheet-and-tube hybrid photovoltaic/thermal (PVT) collectorsGuarracino, I; Mellor, A; Ekins-Daukes, N; Markides, CN
27-May-2016Delamination properties of laminated glass windows subject to blast loadingDel Linz, P; Hooper, PA; Arora, H; Wang, Y; Smith, D, et al
26-Apr-2016Hybrid effects in thin ply carbon/glass unidirectional laminates: Accurate experimental determination and predictionWisnom, MR; Czél, G; Swolfs, Y; Jalalvand, M; Gorbatikh, L, et al
20-Jun-2016A stochastic breakup model for Large Eddy Simulation of a turbulent two-phase reactive flowJones, WP; Marquis, AJ; Noh, D
29-Jun-2016On the Mechanism of ZDDP Antiwear Film FormationZhang, J; Spikes, HA
24-Mar-2016Maximum performance of piezoelectric energy harvesters when coupled to interface circuitsMiller, LM; Elliott, ADT; Mitcheson, PD; Halvorsen, E; Paprotny, I, et al
6-Jul-2016Microgrids formed by renewable energy integration into power grids pose electrical protection challengesAkhtar, Z; Saqib, MA