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1-May-2016Anode Fabrication for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Electroless and Electrodeposition of Nickel and Silver into Doped Ceria ScaffoldsJamil, Z; Ruiz-Trejo, E; Boldrin, P; Brandon, N
10-Jun-2016An efficient goal based reduced order model approach for targeted adaptive observationsFang, F; Pain, C; Navon, I; Xiao, D
10-Jun-2016Non-intrusive reduced order modelling with least squares fitting on a sparse gridLin, Z; Xiao, D; Fang, F; Pain, CC; Navon, I
9-Jun-2016Autoadaptive motion modelling for MR-based respiratory motion estimationBaumgartner, CF; Kolbitsch, C; McClelland, JR; Rueckert, D; King, AP
4-Jul-2016Optimal sensor placement for structural parameter identificationChisari, C; Macorini, L; Amadio, C; Izzuddin, BA
22-Jun-2016Application of a continuum damage mechanics (CDM)-based model for predicting formability of warm formed aluminium alloyBai, Q; Mohamed, M; Shi, Z; Lin, J; Dean, T
14-Jun-2016Sedimentation in nanofluids during a natural convection experimentKouloulias, K; Sergis, A; Hardalupas, I
2-Jun-2016Modelling the tensile failure of composites with the floating node methodChen, B-Y; Tay, TE; Pinho, ST; Tan, VBC
11-Jan-2016The inertial subrange in turbulent pipe flow: centrelineMorrison, JF; Vallikivi, M; Smits, AJ
26-Sep-2014Concept Validation for Selective Heating and Press Hardening of Automotive Safety Components with Tailored PropertiesLi, N; Lin, J; Dean, TA; Dry, D; Balint, D