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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2014Extended scale for the hydrogen-bond basicity of ionic liquidsClaudio, AFM; Swift, L; Hallett, JP; Welton, T; Coutinho, JAP, et al
10-Jun-2016An efficient goal based reduced order model approach for targeted adaptive observationsFang, F; Pain, C; Navon, I; Xiao, D
10-Jun-2016Non-intrusive reduced order modelling with least squares fitting on a sparse gridLin, Z; Xiao, D; Fang, F; Pain, CC; Navon, I
14-Jun-2016Sedimentation in nanofluids during a natural convection experimentKouloulias, K; Sergis, A; Hardalupas, I
31-May-2016Higher-order conservative interpolation between control-volume meshes: Application to advection and multiphase flow problems with dynamic mesh adaptivityAdam, A; Pavlidis, D; Percival, J; Salinas, P; Xie, Z, et al
16-Jun-2016Determination of Ti-6242 α and β slip properties using micro-pillar test and computational crystal plasticityZhang, Z; Jun, T; Britton, TB; Dunne, F
6-Jun-2016Significant metal enhanced fluorescence of Ag2S quantum dots in the second near-infrared windowTheodorou, IG; Jawad, Z; Qin, H; Aboagye, EO; Porter, A, et al
9-Mar-2016Dislocation core structures in (0001) InGaNRhode, SL; Horton, MK; Sahonta, S-L; Kappers, MJ; Haigh, SJ, et al
11-May-2016Crack nucleation using combined crystal plasticity modelling, high-resolution digital image correlation and high-resolution electron backscatter diffraction in a superalloy containing non-metallic inclusions under fatigueZhang, T; Jiang, J; Britton, B; Shollock, B; Dunne, FPE
28-Apr-2016An adaptable parallel algorithm for the direct numerical simulation of incompressible turbulent flows using a Fourier spectral/hp element method and MPI virtual topologiesBolis, A; Cantwell, CD; Moxey, D; Serson, D; Sherwin, SJ