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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2009Waiting for fungi: the ectomycorrhizal invasion of lowland heathlandsCollier, FA; Bidartondo, MI
Jan-1996Wake dynamics of cylinders encountering free surface waves.Arkell, Richard Henry
10-Dec-2007Wake dynamics of external flow past a curved circular cylinder with the free stream aligned with the plane of curvatureMiliou, A; De Vecchi, A; Sherwin, SJ; Graham, JMR
Jun-2014Wake impacting on a horizontal axis wind turbineHankin, David
1-Jan-2003Wake topology of curved cylinders at low Reynolds numbersMiliou, A; Sherwin, SJ; Graham, JMR
25-Feb-2008Wake transition in the flow around two circular cylinders in staggered arrangementsCarmo, BS; Sherwin, SJ; Bearman, PW; Willden, RHJ
29-Nov-2014Wake up, wake up! It¿s me! It¿s my life! patient narratives on person-centeredness in the integrated care context: a qualitative study.Greenfield, G; Ignatowicz, AM; Belsi, A; Pappas, Y; Car, J, et al
18-Jun-2015Wakefulness is governed by GABA and histamine co-transmissionYu, X; Zhiwen, Y; Houston, CM; Zecharia, AY; Ma, Y, et al
1975Wakes of oscillating bluff bodiesDavies, Melvyn Edward
1980Wall quenching of laminar flame propagationThorne, P. F.
29-Oct-2016Wall slip in an EHL contact lubricated with 1-dodecanolReddyhoff, T; Wang, P
1-Jan-2009Wall-crossings in toric Gromov-Witten theory I: crepant examplesCoates, T; Iritani, H; Tseng, H-H
2012Walmart's Challenge: Sourcing Sustainable Palm Oil by 2015Thomas, Kathryn Isabel
13-May-2015Walter Mercer's (1891-1971) contribution to the surgical treatment of low back pain.Hughes, SP
1-Jul-2011Waltzing peakons and compacton pairs in a cross-coupled Camassa-Holm equationCotter, CJ; Holm, DD; Ivanov, RI; Percival, JR
1-May-2008wannier90: A tool for obtaining maximally-localised Wannier functionsMostofi, AA; Yates, JR; Lee, Y-S; Souza, I; Vanderbilt, D, et al
4-Nov-2014Ward round documentation in a major trauma centre: can we improve patient safety?Green, G; Aframian, A; Bernard, J
16-Dec-2009Wards of the rosesDay, G; Carter, N
2014Warm hydro-forming of curved, extrude profilesZhai, Dong
1-Mar-2012Warming, CO2, and nitrogen deposition interactively affect a plant-pollinator mutualismHoover, SER; Ladley, JJ; Shchepetkina, AA; Tisch, M; Gieseg, SP, et al