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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2004Q analysis on reflection seismic dataWang, YH
2-Jul-2015QD-AMVA: Evaluating Systems with Queue-Dependent Service RequirementsCasale, G; Perez Bernal, J; Wang, W
4-Sep-2016QoI-aware Tradeoff Between Communication and Computation in Wireless Ad-hoc NetworksLeung, KK; Nazemi, S; Swami, A
9-Sep-2011QoS verification and model tuning @ runtimeFilieri, A
1-Jan-2016QRF: an Optimization-Based Framework for Evaluating Complex Stochastic NetworksCasale, G; De Nitto-Persone, V; Smirni, E
1976The quadratic assignment problem and plant layoutGerrard, Michael John
Jan-2013A Quadratic Gaussian Year-on-Year Inflation ModelGretarsson, Hringur
-Quadratic head loss approximations for optimisation problems in water supply networksPecci, F; Abraham, E; Stoianov, II
Jan-1980Quadratic programming using complementarity and orthogonal factorizationByrne, Susan Jane
Jan-1979Quadratic programming using conjugate search directionsBenveniste, Regina
1-Nov-2012Quadriceps wasting and physical inactivity in patients with COPDShrikrishna, D; Patel, M; Tanner, RJ; Seymour, JM; Connolly, BA, et al
Sep-2013Quadtree Structured Approximation AlgorithmsScholefield, Adam
Dec-2012Qualification of Ultrasonography as a Biomarker of Prognosis and Response to Treatment in Early Rheumatoid ArthritisSreerangaiah, Dee
Jan-2009A qualitative analysis of HIV/AIDS policy in Russian Federation : creating an advocacy modelGevorgyan, Ruzanna
2008Qualitative Evaluation & Crafting of Strategic Business Model for Real Estate Investment FundsLivanas, Dimitris
1-Nov-2016Qualitative evaluation of Crystal Vue rendering technology in the assessment of fetal lip and palateDall'Asta, AA; Paramasivam, G; Lees, C
17-Dec-2014Qualitative study of the impact of an authentic electronic portfolio in undergraduate medical educationBelcher, R; Jones, A; Smith, L-J; Vincent, T; Naidu, SB, et al
21-Sep-2015Quality and impact of appraisal for revalidation: the perceptions of London’s responsible officers and their appraisersGriffin, A; Furmedge, DS; Gill, D; O’Keeffe, C; Verma, A, et al
2010Quality assurance of training in diagnostic and therapeutic gastrointestinal endoscopyHaycock, Adam Vaughan
7-Jul-2010Quality control and assurance in functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) experimentationOrihuela-Espina, F; Leff, DR; James, DRC; Darzi, AW; Yang, GZ