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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Feb-2016L-Arginine promotes gut hormone release and reduces food intake in rodentsAlamshah, A; McGavigan, AK; Spreckley, E; Kinsey-Jones, JS; Amin, A, et al
1-Mar-2015l-cysteine suppresses ghrelin and reduces appetite in rodents and humans.McGavigan, AK; O'Hara, HC; Amin, A; Kinsey-Jones, J; Spreckley, E, et al
1-Jul-2015L-GRAAL: Lagrangian graphlet-based network alignerMalod-Dognin, N; Przulj, N
11-Jul-2016L1 track finding for a time multiplexed triggerCieri, D; Brooke, J; Grimes, M; Newbold, D; Harder, K, et al
19-Mar-2015L^p Fourier multipliers on compact Lie groupsRuzhansky, M; Wirth, J
8-Mar-2015L^p Fourier multipliers on compact Lie groupsRuzhansky, M; Wirth, J
-$L^p$-bounds for pseudo-differential operators on compact Lie groupsDelgado Valencia, JC; Ruzhansky, M
25-Jul-2013$L^p$-nuclear pseudo-differential operators on $\mathbb {Z}$ and $\mathbb {S}^1$Delgado, J; Wong, MW
4-Apr-2006La cuerda dulce - a tolerability and acceptability study of a novel approach to specimen collection for diagnosis of paediatric pulmonary tuberculosisChow, F; Espiritu, N; Gilman, RH; Gutierrez, R; Lopez, S, et al
31-Dec-1998La labor subtituladora en tanto que instancia de traducción subordinadaDiaz Cintas, J.
31-Dec-2007La subtitulación y el mundo académico: perspectivas de estudio e investigación.Diaz Cintas, J.
Sep-2015Lab-on-a-chip device to quantify buffer capacity of bloodGandhi, Sahir
1-Jan-2014Lab-scale experimental multilevel modular HVDC converter with temperature controlled cellsClemow, P; Judge, P; Chaffey, G; Merlin, M; Luth, T, et al
29-Feb-2016Label-free and fluorescence biosensing platform using one dimensional photonic crystal chipsMichelotti, F; Schmieder, S; Anopchenko, A; Munzert, P; Sinibaldi, A, et al
25-Jun-2015Label-free detection of tumor angiogenesis biomarker angiopoietin 2 using bloch surface waves on one dimensional photonic crystalsSinibaldi, A; Danz, N; Anopchenko, A; Munzert, P; Schmieder, S, et al
10-Jun-2014Label-free multimodal protease detection based on protein/perylene dye coassembly and enzyme-triggered disassemblyLin, Y; Chapman, R; Stevens, MM
1-May-1999Labelled Natural Deduction for Substructural LogicsRusso, A; Broda, K; Finger, M
31-Dec-2005Labelled transition systems as a stone spaceHuth,M.
1-Mar-2017Labellings for assumption-based and abstract argumentationSchulz, C; Toni, F
2004Laboratory and numerical investigations of soil retention curvesMelgarejo Corredor, Monica Lucia