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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jul-2015G(2)-manifold and associative submanifolds via semi-fano 3-foldsCorti, A; Haskins, M; Nordstroem, J; Pacini, T
2011G-Flux: A Business Plan for an Internet Start-UpCornelissen, Roosmarijn Agnes (Roosmarijn)
9-Dec-2015G-Protein coupled receptor signalling in pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiovascular cells: Implications for disease modellingDolatshad, NF; Hellen, N; Jabbour, R; Harding, SE; Foldes, G
2008G-structures and dualityPires Pacheco, Paulo
1-Apr-2015G464(P) Time to discuss prevention strategies for group b streptococcus diseaseSalehian, S; Rastogi, A; Fraisse, A; Ghez, O; Burmester, M
29-Jul-2016GABA deficiency in NF1: a multimodal [11C]-Flumazenil and spectroscopy studyRibeiro Violante, I; Patricio, M; Bernardino, I; Rebola, J; Abrunhosa, AJ, et al
29-Jun-2015GABA-B receptor function in healthy volunteers, a pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study of two doses of baclofen compared to placeboTurton, S; Durant, C; Wilson, S; Cordero, R; Nahar, L, et al
Jun-2012GABAA Immunomodulation & InfectionSanders, Robert A.
7-Mar-2017Gaceta Sanitaria in 2016. A new stage; the strengthening of e-Gaceta and its internationalisationBermudez Tamayo, C; Negrín Hernández, M; Bolívar, J; Briones Vozmediano, E; Cantarero, D, et al
28-Aug-2015Gadolinium-functionalised multi-walled carbon nanotubes as a T1 contrast agent for MRI cell labelling and trackingServant, A; Jacobs, I; Bussy, C; Fabbro, C; Da Ros, T, et al
Aug-2012Gain and Plasmon Dynamics in Active Nanoplasmonic MetamaterialsWuestner, Sebastian Marc
13-Sep-2011Gain and plasmon dynamics in active negative-index metamaterials.Wuestner, S; Pusch, A; Tsakmakidis, KL; Hamm, JM; Hess, O
1966Gain sensitivity of linear active networksVan der Puije, Patrick David
28-Apr-2014Gain spectrum measurement using the segmented contact method with an integrated optical amplifierShahid, H; Childs, DTD; Majid, MA; Kennedy, K; Airey, R, et al
1964Gain, sensitivity and stability of linear two-port amplifiersSinghakowinta, Anek
25-Jun-2015Gain-switched diode laser seeding of ultra-high-gain Nd: YVO 4 bounce amplifier system as a versatile pulsed laser sourceTeppitaksak, A; Thomas, GM; Damzen, MJ
26-May-2016Gaining and sustaining schistosomiasis control: study protocol and baseline data prior to different treatment strategies in five African countriesEzeamama, AE; He, C-L; Shen, Y; Yin, X-P; Binder, SC, et al
9-Sep-2015Gait Analysis From a Single Ear-Worn Sensor: Reliability and Clinical Evaluation for Orthopaedic PatientsJarchi, D; Lo, B; Wong, C; Ieong, E; Nathwani, D, et al
Jan-2016Gait analysis using an instrumented treadmillWiik, Anatole Vilhelm
30-Sep-2016Gait comparison of unicompartmental and total knee arthroplasties with healthy controlsJones, G; Kotti, M; Wiik, A; Collins, R; Brevadt, M, et al