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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008"E-Commerce, E-Marketing and Distribution Strategies for the Hedge Fund Industry"Meshinoye, Sam
2010E-health in Developing Countries: An analysis and Guideline for ImplementationSukumaran, Sushija
1-Jan-2016e-Health: a position statement of the European Society of Cardiology.Cowie, MR; Bax, J; Bruining, N; Cleland, JG; Koehler, F, et al
2011e-learning around innovation management for large corporatesGill, Kshitij
6-Mar-2015E-learning in cardiovascular imaging: another step towards a structured educational approach.Cosyns, B; De Diego, JJ; Stefanidis, A; Galderisi, M; Ernande, L, et al
17-Nov-2011e-Learning – Experience from the Energy Academy distance training projectAngelis-Dimakis, A; Assimacopoulos, D; Mandaraka, M
2007E-Procurement?from the strategic level to the implementation level. A case study of a specific company.Yuan, Xue
1976E.L.F. magnetotelluric studies in South West EnglandMatthews, Ronald Bernard
1-Jan-2010EA\^ 2: The Winning Strategy for the Inaugural Lemonade Stand Game TournamentSykulski, AM; Chapman, A; Luna, JEMDCF; Jennings, N
10-Sep-2015EALab (Eye Activity Lab): A MATLAB Toolbox for Variable Extraction, Multivariate Analysis and Classification of Eye-Movement DataAndreu-Perez, J; Solnais, C; Sriskandarajah, K
31-Jan-2016Earlier diagnosis and international registries may improve outcomes in pulmonary tumour thrombotic microangiopathyPrice, LC; Wort, SJ
5-Aug-2014Earliest Holocene south Greenland ice sheet retreat within its late Holocene extentCarlson, AE; Winsor, K; Ullman, DJ; Brook, EJ; Rood, DH, et al
12-Jun-2014Early Back-to-Africa Migration into the Horn of AfricaHodgson, JA; Mulligan, CJ; Al-Meeri, A; Raaum, RL
24-Sep-2015Early characterization of the severity and transmissibility of pandemic influenza using clinical episode data from multiple populationsRiley, P; Ben-Nun, M; Linker, JA; Cost, AA; Sanchez, JL, et al
9-Sep-2015Early Childhood Development and Schooling Attainment: Longitudinal Evidence from British, Finnish and Philippine Birth CohortsPeet, ED; McCoy, DC; Danaei, G; Ezzati, M; Fawzi, W, et al
7-Jun-2016Early Childhood Developmental Status in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: National, Regional, and Global Prevalence Estimates Using Predictive ModelingMcCoy, DC; Peet, ED; Ezzati, M; Danaei, G; Black, MM, et al
25-May-2016Early cranial ultrasound findings among infants with neonatal encephalopathy in Uganda: an observational studyTann, CJ; Nakakeeto, M; Hagmann, C; Webb, EL; Nyombi, N, et al
Mar-2014Early detection of decompensation of chronic heart failure using a non-contact monitor of nocturnal respiratory patternsSavage, Henry Oluwasefunmi
Jan-1981The early development of spectroscopy and astrophysicsJames, Frank Arthur John Lord
1982The early diagnosis of alcoholism and of its medical complicationsFink, Richard Stephen