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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2017The Communicative Functions of Silence in ScienceMellor, F
31-Dec-2017Antibiotic resistance potential of the healthy preterm infant gut microbiomeRose, G; Shaw, AG; Sim, K; Wooldridge, DJ; Li, M-S, et al
31-Dec-2017An ultra-low power system-on-chip for automatic sleep stagingImtiaz, SA; Jiang, Z; Rodriguez Villegas, E
31-Dec-2017Interface stability, interface fluctuations, and the Gibbs-Thomson relation in motility-induced phase separationsLee, CF
31-Dec-2017Behaviour change interventions to influence antimicrobial prescribing: a cross-sectional analysis of reports from UK state-of-the-art scientific conferencesRawson, T; Moore, L; Tivey, A; Tsao, A; Gilchrist, M, et al
31-Dec-2017Aircraft strain WSN powered by heat storage harvestingAllmen, L; Bailleul, G; Becker, T; Decotignie, J-D; Kiziroglou, M, et al
31-Dec-2017Harmonic domain modelling of PV system for the assessment of grid integration impactNduka, O; Pal, BC
31-Dec-2017Guidelines for the rational design and engineering of 3D manufactured solid oxide fuel cell composite electrodesBertei, A; Tariq, F; Yufit, V; Ruiz Trejo, E; Brandon, N
31-Dec-2017Comparison of the population excess fraction of chlamydia trachomatis infection on pelvic inflammatory disease at 12-months in the presence and absence of chlamydia testing and treatment: systematic review and retrospective cohort analysisDavies, B; Turner, KME; Leung, S; Yu, BN; Frolund, M, et al
31-Dec-2017Inhibition of TNF receptor p55 by a domain antibody attenuates the initial phase of acid-induced lung injury in miceWilson, MR; Wakabayashi, K; Bertok, S; Oakley, C; Patel, BV, et al
31-Dec-2017Hepatitis C treatment: where are we now?Burstow, N; Mohamed, Z; Gomaa, AI; Sonderup, MW; Cook, NA, et al
31-Dec-2017Altered metabolic profiles associate with toxicity in SOD1G93A astrocyte-neuron co-culturesValbuena, GN; Tortarolo, M; Bendotti, C; Cantoni, L; Keun, HC
31-Dec-2017Transcriptional signature of an altered purine metabolism in the skeletal muscle of a Huntington’s disease mouse modelMielcarek, M; Smolenski, RT; Isalan, M
31-Dec-2017A review of the role of Neurotensin and its receptors in colorectal cancerQiu, SY; Pellino, G; Fiorentino, F; Rasheed, S; Darzi, A, et al
27-Dec-2017Impact of mosquito gene drive on malaria elimination in a computational model with explicit spatial and temporal dynamicsEckhoff, PA; Wenger, EA; Godfray, HC; Burt, A
22-Nov-2017Evolution and persistence of cross-directional statistical dependence during finite-Péclet transport through a real porous mediumBijeljic, B; Most, S; Nowak, W
11-Oct-2017Eigen structure of a new class of structured covariance and inverse covariance matrices.Battey, HS
Oct-2017Doing good while making profit: perspectives on reconciling multiple objectives in social enterprisesde Cuyper, Lien
1-Sep-2017Numerical study of a particle method for gradient flowsPatacchini, FS; Carrillo de la Plata, JA; Huang, Y; Wolansky, G
16-Jul-2017Coordinated operation of distributed energy storage in low carbon networksRodrigues, T; Moreira, R; Strbac, G