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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Aching Ales #4: The "Recovery" Beer Business PlanHrabec, Justin
2015The African Internet Opportunity - Can Private Equity Benefit?Jarman, Phillip
2014ALL4U Convenience Stores - Three Alien Entrepreneur Invested EB-5 Project Corporation Business PlanTian, Yu
2015Analysing Challenges and Opportunities at Rolls Royce: The Role of VUCA for the Global Busines PerformanceAriffin, Emi Fatmawaty
2015An Analysis of Air Connectivity IndexGoh, William
2015An Analysis of Non-Elective Theatre Provision and Suggested Improvements at University College Hospital, LondonArulananthan, Anojan
2014An Analysis of Risk Mitigation and Valuation Techniques in Project Finance: The case of the M6 Toll RoadOzenbas, Erol
2015Are Blockchain-Based Digital Smart Contracts the Future of Insurance Profitability in the Developing World?Diwakar, Viv
2014Are growth markets innovation incubators for the future of financial services globally?Frost, Richard
2015Are the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England Waiting Too Long to Raise Interest Rates and if so, are they Causing Another Bubble?Overo, Jovi
2014Are there opportunities for International Education Consultancies to achieve standout market positioning in the Thai market? A case study of Mango Learning ExpressSinchalong, Preeyaporn
2014Assessing business opportunities for Infosys in the Nordic retail banking marketBhide, Anushka
2014Assessing the Determinants of Venture Capital in the PhilippinesPastelero, Carlo
2014Assessment of a Wealth Management Firms Organisational Structure to Support an Advanced Planning Client OfferingSolana, Andrea
2014An assessment of demand in the Smart Home, Telecare and Telehealth industryTurner, Russell
2014Assessment of Private Equity in Thailand with Regard to the ASEAN Economic CommunityTanalai, Natcha
2015Beauty in the Times of Digital: How Beauty Brands Should Target their Shoppers with the Advent of Digital Media MarketingBahl, Surabhi
2014Best Practice Guide to Spousal Support for Organisations with ExpatriatesBansal, Ritu
2014Breakout Strategy: How Can This Be Leveraged in the Paint Manufacturing Industry? A Case Study of Denzo International from Thailand to LaosTangcaravakoon, Passkorn
2015Business Development: Proposed Strategy and Action Plan for PAMITA, a Virtual Fashion StoreRatanasuwan, Montinee