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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Academic Workloads: A Strategic AnalysisArmstrong, Alan
2015The Capital Structure of Young, High-Growth Firms and the Case for Venture DebtBrophy, Sean
2015Deliver a Product Launch for HSF FormulationsHaq, Salman
2015The Development and Application of a Project Culture Evaluation Tool for Capital ProjectsPatel, Vipul
2015The Emerging of a New International Currency and How Far Can it Go?Wang, Grace
2015Evaluation of Telehealth, an Introduction to the NHSPathmanathan, Sri Prakash
2015From Startup to Scale-Up: What to Expect and How to Deal With It.O'Malley, Jason
2015The Impact of Social Media on the Dental Profession: A Thesis Discussing the Challenges, Opportunities and Developments Wihtin the IndustryParmar, Nilesh
2015IT Girls are the New IT Girls: How Women in Technology can Navigate Obstacles to Power the British Digital EconomyChana, Jas
2015Jars, A Business Plan for a Food Start-upPiedelievre, Valentine
2015Key Success Factors for Product and Service InnovationsKasim, Mohamed
2015The Non-Financial Benefits of PFI, Specific to the M25 DBFO ContractSteel, Ben
2015The Opportunities and Chellenges of Chinese Private Equity Investments in the UK & EuropeZhong, Jenny
2015The Relationship Between the Complexity of Project Prioritisation Methods and their AccuracyWilsdon, Natalie
2015The Route to Total Pet Care, a Roadmap for the Goddard Veterinary GroupGill, Mark
2015Transforming the Customer Experience in a Digital Age - a Practical Digital Strategy for Hotpoint Service (after-sales)Page, Liam
2015UK Defence Acquisition and Privatisation: Make, Buy or Ally?Donald, James
2015Watkins Gray International LLP: Year One of a One Hundred Year Old PracticeSathiyabalan, Henry
2015What future for the Oil and Gas Industry? - Review, Analysis and ProjectionsMohammed, Abu
2015What is the New Consumer Decision Journey in the UK Automotove Sector?Richard Couarraze, Sophie