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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Application of Lean Culture in the Aerospace Industry Leadership and Organisational ChallengesIsseris, Christos
2014Assessing the effectiveness of whole life appraisal on England's Strategic Road Network and the supporting factors required to further improve long term decision making for the governments most valuable asset.Simpson, David
2014Building Brand Equity - What next? A Study for The Real Greek Food Company LtdHarrison, Terry
2014A Case Study to assess the GP Locality Service at Harness Harlesden Practice in BrentAdlakha, Saurabh
2014Commercialising Carbon Capture and Storage in the UKPershad, Harsh
2014A Critical Analysis Of Leadership Styles And How This Has Impacted The Advancement Of Women Within The British Political SystemFasunan, Rhoda
2014The Digitisation of Music has Created Insurmountable Problems for the Music IndustryCampbell, Sam
2014Fingerprint biometrics in healthcare: A case study on the UK National Health Service.Maheswaran, Sumithra
2014Information and Communication Technology Strategy in Nigerian Secondary School EducationImoru, Racheal
2014Integration Challenges Faced Post - Acquisition. A case AnalysisShanbhag, Himanshu
2014Is there a need to restructure the business to business sales team of Lonza?Vaghjiani, Jeetendra
2014Is there an opportunity to increase Customer Advocacy for UK Franchised Train Operating Companies?Ackroyd, Benjamin
2014The Logic of social Platforms: Key Design Principles to Keep and Attract UsersTarasova, Ally
2014Printing protein and profit: A future application of 3D printing technology in Sodexo to provide personalised Quality of Life servicesHill, Mark
2014RMB Internationalization and the Prospect of RMB as a Global Investment CurrencyWang, Grace
2014Strategic Analysis of Raising Capital through Sukuk Bonds in the United Kingdom (A Comparative Analysis of Sukuk Relative to Conventional Corporate Bonds)Mahmood, Imran
2014What are the drivers for implementing a global IT strategy and when is it the right time for a company to apply a global strategy?Lien, Muoi
2014What is the most effective marketing strategy for Forter Castle a UK based luxury travel destination?Voyce, Daniel