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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Active control turbocharger for enhanced energy recoveryRocha, Bruno
2014Active variable geometry suspension for cars - design of mechanical componentsHan, Xu
2015Active vibration control of turbine engine blades via optimal placement of piezoelectric plates: an experimental investigationAgulhon, Thomas
2010Actively control turbochargers for enhanced energy recoveryJin, Wei
2014Advanced Segmentation of 3D tomography data for energy materialsZeng, Zhixin
2015Aeroelastic analysis of a wind turbine.Lu, Yaozhi
2012Aeroelasticity of wind turbineZhao, Fanzhou
2008Aircraft Wake DevelopmentBruce, Iain
2008Alternative Modelling of Adhesive FractureBalaram, Gautam
2015Analysing bonding in bimetal gearsZhang, Xue
2008Analysing the Reflection Due to a Droplet on a Plate: NDT for contact examination and droplet monitoringDurand, Bastien
2011Application of artificial neural networks to combustion modellingDemur, Mathieu
2009Application of Condition Monitoring to Reduce Maintenance CostsChamaria, Archit
2015Artificial bone scaffoldsJin, Haoxiang
2015Artificial Neural Networks in CFDLemarie, Damien
2012Assessment of U-shape springbackXue, Haikung
2011Battery thermal modellingSaillard, Julien
2012Battery thermal modelling for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehiclesBizeray, Adrien
2013Beer De-FoamerWang, Yan
2008"A Biomechanical Study of the Human Lumbar Spine, L2-L4, for the Prediction of Disc Pressures"Sharma, Vivek