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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Application of Organic Solvent Nanofiltration of Synthesis of Nucleosidic PhosphoramiditesBlanc, Pierre
2007Biological treatment of saline domestic wastewater using submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAMBR)Lu, Zhen
2007Catalytic Conversion of Sythesis Gas to OxygenatesChen, Zhenzhong
2008Catalytic Hydrocracking of Polynuclear Aromatic HydrocarbonsOnyejelem, Judith
2007Catalytic Hydrocracking of Polynuclear Aromatic HydrocarbonsOdueyungbo, Oluwatoyin Emmanuel
2008Characteristics/Physical Treatment of Effluent Stream of a Submerged Anaerobic Membrane BioreactorOfoegbu, Nkechi Cybel
2007Chemical Photography of Drug ReleaseYusuf, Zainab
2007Chemically driven Electrocoagulation Reactor for Water TreatmentAdediran, Bolanle Iyabo
2008Detecting the State of a North Sea Platform from Operating DataMoujaes, Grace
2008Determining Binary Gas Mixture Compositions using Ultrasonic SensorsMohammed, Jason
2007Development and Calculation of Performance Metrics for Coal Polygeneration InfrastructuresStrubing, Heiko
2008Development of a Mathematical Model for the Transcription Control of the Regulatory Genes in Pseudomonas putida TOL pWW0 PlasmidJimenez del Val, Ioscani
2008The Development of a Self-Regulating Hydrogel for Insulin ReleaseOvtchinnikoff, Elsa
2007Development of an Encapulation Module for Embryonic Stem Cell CultureTangviriyasirikul, Supacharn
2008The Development of Glucose-Responsive MicrogelsMohd Ali, Nor Haslin
2008The Development of Impact Resistant Transport FuelsOrfanidou, Konstantia
2007The Dissolution of Pharmaceutical Paracetamol Tablets using Starch 1500TM as a BinderUllmann, Gabriel
2007Doped Polyaniline Electrolytes for PEM Fuel CellsSombatmankhong, Korakot
2008Dynamic Modelling, Optimisation and Multi-Parametric Control of a Proton Exchange Membrance Fuel CellRopars, Marie
2008Dynamic Optimisation and Multi-Parametric Model Predictive Control (mp-MPC) of hydrogen desorption in metal hydride bedPapakosta, Maria