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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Mar-2013A Scalable and Expedient Route to 1-Aza[6]helicene Derivatives and Its Subsequent Application to a Chiral-Relay Asymmetric StrategyWeimar, M; da Costa, RC; Lee, F-H; Fuchter, MJ
21-Jul-2013Circularly polarized light detection by a chiral organic semiconductor transistorYang, Y; da Costa, RC; Fuchter, MJ; Campbell, AJ
14-May-2013Induction of Circularly Polarized Electroluminescence from an Achiral Light-Emitting Polymer via a Chiral Small-Molecule DopantYang, Y; da Costa, RC; Smilgies, D-M; Campbell, AJ; Fuchter, MJ