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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Dec-2016A deep learning approach to on-node sensor data analytics for mobile or wearable devicesRavi, D; Wong, C; Lo, B; Yang, G
9-Jul-2012A nonlinear least squares method for solving the joint reconstruction and registration problem in digital breast tomosynthesisYang, G; Hipwell, J; Hawkes, D; Arridge, S
5-Nov-2015A pilot study to determine whether using a lightweight, wearable micro-camera improves dietary assessment accuracy and offers information on macronutrients and eating rate.Pettitt, C; Liu, J; Kwasnicki, R; Yang, G; Preston, T, et al
8-Dec-2016A self-adaptive online brain machine interface of a humanoid robot through a general type-2 fuzzy inference systemAndreu Perez, J; Cao, F; Hagras, H; Yang, G
9-Oct-2016A Vision-guided Dual Arm Sewing System for Stent Graft ManufacturingHuang, B; Vandini, A; Hu, Y; Lee, S; Yang, G
6-Jun-2011Alternating reconstruction and registration for digital breast tomosynthesisYang, G; Hipwell, J; Tanner, C; Hawkes, D; Arridge, S
30-Jan-2015An image analysis approach to MRI brain tumour gradingSoltaninejad, M; Ye, X; Yang, G; Allinson, N; Lambrou, T
20-Sep-2016Automated brain tumour detection and segmentation using superpixel-based extremely randomized trees in FLAIR MRISoltaninejad, M; Yang, G; Lambrou, T; Allinson, N; Jones, TL, et al
13-Aug-2014Brain tumor classification using the diffusion tensor image segmentation (D-SEG) techniqueJones, TL; Byrnes, TJ; Yang, G; Howe, FA; Bell, BA, et al
8-Nov-2014Brain tumour grading in different MRI protocols using SVM on statistical featuresSoltaninejad, M; Ye, X; Yang, G; Allinson, N; Lambrou, T
15-Jul-2016Cognitive Autonomous Catheters Operating in Dynamic EnvironmentsVander Poorten, E; Tran, P; Devreker, A; Gruijthuijsen, C; Portoles-Diez, S, et al
1-Sep-2010Combined Reconstruction and Registration of Digital Breast TomosynthesisYang, G; Hipwell, J; Clarkson, M; Tanner, C; Mertzanidou, T, et al
5-Jul-2010Combined reconstruction and registration of digital breast tomosynthesis: Sequential method versus iterative methodYang, G; Hipwell, J; Clarkson, M; Tanner, C; Mertzanidou, T, et al
21-Mar-2016Combined self-learning based single-image super-resolution and dual-tree complex wavelet transform denoising for medical imagesYang, G; Ye, X; Slabaugh, G; Keegan, J; Mohiaddin, R, et al
29-Dec-2016Deep learning for health informaticsRavi, D; Wong, C; Deligianni, F; Berthelot, M; Andreu-Perez, J, et al
22-Jun-2015Discrete Wavelet Transform Based Whole-Spectral and Sub-Spectral Analysis for Improved Brain Tumour Clustering using Single Voxel MR SpectroscopyYang, G; Nawaz, T; Barrick, T; Howe, F; Slabaugh, G
-From macro to micro: autonomous multiscale image fusion for robotic surgeryZhang, L; Ye, M; Giataganas, P; Hughes, M; Bradu, A, et al
22-Aug-2015Global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability for 301 acute and chronic diseases and injuries in 188 countries, 1990-2013: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2013Vos, T; Barber, RM; Bell, B; Bertozzi-Villa, A; Biryukov, S, et al
8-Jul-2012Joint registration and limited-angle reconstruction of digital breast tomosynthesisYang, G; Hipwell, J; Tanner, C; Hawkes, D; Arridge, S
8-Sep-2014Manifold Learning in MR spectroscopy using nonlinear dimensionality reduction and unsupervised clusteringYang, G; Raschke, F; Barrick, TR; Howe, FA