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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2015A certified plasmid reference material for the standardisation of BCR-ABL1 mRNA quantification by real-time quantitative PCRWhite, H; Deprez, L; Corbisier, P; Hall, V; Lin, F, et al
31-Dec-2011A coupled SSA-SVM technique for stochastic short-term rainfall forecastingSimões, N; Wang, L; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Leitão, JP; Pina, R, et al
18-Apr-2013A dust-obscured massive maximum-starburst galaxy at a redshift of 6.34Riechers, DA; Bradford, CM; Clements, DL; Dowell, CD; Perez-Fournon, I, et al
28-Aug-2015Adaptive Dispatching of Tasks in the CloudGelenbe, E; Wang, L
31-Dec-2011An enhanced blend of SVM and Cascade methods for short-term rainfall forecastingWang, L; Simoes, NE; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Leitao, J; Pina, R, et al
31-Dec-2015An investigation of a new 2D CDM model in predicting failure in HFQing of an automotive panelMohamed, M; Li, N; Wang, L; El Fakir, O; Lin, J, et al
29-Jan-2009Astrodynamical Space Test of Relativity Using Optical Devices I (ASTROD I) - A class-M fundamental physics mission proposal for Cosmic Vision 2015-2025Burston, R; Chen, Y; Cruise, M; Dittus, H; Foulon, B, et al
3-Feb-2016Big data for autonomic intercontinental overlaysBrun, O; Wang, L; Gelenbe, E
4-Sep-2016Characterization of the interfacial heat transfer coefficient for hot stamping processesLuan, X; Liu, X; Fang, H; Ji, K; El Fakir, O, et al
29-Aug-2016Connect On the Fly: Enhancing and Prototyping of Cycle-Reconfigurable ModulesZhou, H; Niu, X; Yuan, J; Wang, L; Luk, W
6-Oct-2016Cost-effectiveness and resource implications of aggressive action on tuberculosis in China, India, and South Africa: a combined analysis of nine modelsMenzies, NA; Gomez, GB; Bozzani, F; Chatterjee, S; Foster, N, et al
1-Jul-2015Decarbonisation of olefin processes using biomass pyrolysis oilSharifzadeh, M; Wang, L; Shah, NG
25-Jun-2015Determination of a set of constitutive equations for an al-li alloy at SPF conditionsGao, H; Li, N; Ho, H; Zhang, Y; Zhang, N, et al
25-Jun-2015Determination of heat transfer coefficient for hot stamping processJi, K; Fakir, OE; Gao, H; Wang, L
18-Sep-2016Determination of Processing Windows for the Hot Stamping of AA7075Zhang, Q; Ji, K; El Fakir, O; Liu, X; Wang, L
-Determination of Processing Windows for the Hot Stamping of AA7075Zhang, Q; Ji, K; El Fakir, O; Liu, X; Wang, L
4-Nov-2016Development of an interactive friction model for the prediction of lubricant breakdown behaviour during sliding wearWang, L
4-Oct-2016Development of coating design guidelines for a sheet metal forming tool – a feasibility studyZheng, Y; Hu, Y; Gharbi, MM; Politis, DJ; Wang, L
10-Jul-2015Dietary modulation of gut microbiota contributes to alleviation of both genetic and simple obesity in childrenZhang, C; Yin, A; Li, H; Wang, R; Wu, G, et al
1-Jul-2015Directional dominance on stature and cognition in diverse human populationsJoshi, PK; Esko, T; Mattsson, H; Eklund, N; Gandin, I, et al