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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2011Attitudinal and demographic predictors of measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR) uptake during the UK catch-up campaign 2008-09: cross-sectional surveyBrown, K; Fraser, G; Ramsay, M; Shanley, R; Cowley, N, et al
13-Sep-2011Breaking the rules: understanding non-compliance with policies and guidelinesCarthey, J; Walker, S; Deelchand, V; Vincent, C; Griffiths, WH
1-Dec-2016Carers’ medication administration errors in the domiciliary setting: a systematic reviewParand, A; Garfield, S; Vincent, C; Franklin, B
9-Sep-2016Clinician-identified problems and solutions for delayed diagnosis in primary care: a PRIORITIZE studyTudor Car, L; Papachristou, N; Bull, A; Majeed, A; Gallagher, J, et al
8-Apr-2015Condition, not eyespan, predicts contest outcome in female stalk-eyed flies, Teleopsis dalmanniBath, E; Wigby, S; Vincent, C; Tobias, JA; Seddon, N
14-Oct-2015Do patients with gastrointestinal cancer want to decide where they have tests and surgery? A questionnaire study of provider choice.Byrne, BE; Faiz, OD; Vincent, C
1-Oct-2012Failures in communication and information transfer across the surgical care pathway: interview study.Nagpal, K; Arora, S; Vats, A; Wong, HW; Sevdalis, N, et al
11-Apr-1998Framework for analysing risk and safety in clinical medicine.Vincent, C; Taylor-Adams, S; Stanhope, N
1-Jun-2012How reliable are clinical systems in the UK NHS? A study of seven NHS organisationsBurnett, S; Franklin, BD; Moorthy, K; Cooke, MW; Vincent, C
1-Aug-2016How to monitor patient safety in primary care? Healthcare professionals’ viewsSamra, R; Car, J; Majeed, A; Vincent, C; Aylin, PP
16-Nov-2016Identification of priorities for improvement of medication safety in primary care: a PRIORITIZE studyTudor Car, L; Papachristou, N; Gallagher, J; Samra, R; Wazny, K, et al
22-Sep-2015International genome-wide meta-analysis identifies new primary biliary cirrhosis risk loci and targetable pathogenic pathwaysCordell, HJ; Han, Y; Mells, GF; Li, Y; Hirschfield, GM, et al
13-Nov-2008Is health care getting safer?Vincent, C; Aylin, P; Franklin, BD; Holmes, A; Iskander, S, et al
23-May-2011Missing Clinical Information in NHS hospital outpatient clinics: prevalence, causes and effects on patient careBurnett, S; Deelchand, V; Dean-Franklin, B; Moorthy, K; Vincent, C
25-Aug-2016Multicentre observational study of surgical system failures in aortic procedures and their effect on patient outcomesLear, R; Riga, C; Godfrey, AD; Falaschetti, E; Cheshire, NJ, et al
13-Mar-2012Patient safety in developing countries: retrospective estimation of scale and nature of harm to patients in hospitalWilson, RM; Michel, P; Olsen, S; Gibberd, RW; Vincent, C, et al
17-Dec-2014Patient safety skills in primary care: a national survey of GP educatorsAhmed, M; Arora, S; McKay, J; Long, S; Vincent, C, et al
24-Nov-2016Preventing delayed diagnosis of cancer: clinicians’ views on main problems and solutionsTudor Car, L; Papachristou, N; Urch, C; Majeed, A; El-Khatib, M, et al
19-Jan-2017Prioritizing problems in and solutions to homecare safety of people with dementia: supporting carers, streamlining careTudor Car, L; El-Khatib, M; Perneczky, N; Papachristou, N; Atun, R, et al
1-Feb-2013Prospects for comparing European hospitals in terms of quality and safety: lessons from a comparative study in five countriesBurnett, S; Renz, A; Wiig, S; Fernandes, A; Weggelaar, AM, et al