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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2015Advances in radionuclide imaging of cardiac sarcoidosis.Kouranos, V; Wells, AU; Sharma, R; Underwood, SR; Wechalekar, K
9-Nov-2015Current state of knowledge on Takotsubo Syndrome: a Position Statement from the Taskforce on Takotsubo Syndrome of the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of CardiologyLyon, A; Bossone, E; Schneider, B; Sechtem, U; Citro, R, et al
21-Apr-2015Current worldwide nuclear cardiology practices and radiation exposure: results from the 65 country IAEA Nuclear Cardiology Protocols Cross-Sectional Study (INCAPS).Einstein, AJ; Pascual, TN; Mercuri, M; Karthikeyan, G; Vitola, JV, et al
1-Mar-2015Detection of significant coronary artery disease by noninvasive anatomical and functional imagingNeglia, D; Rovai, D; Caselli, C; Pietila, M; Teresinska, A, et al
6-Mar-2015E-learning in cardiovascular imaging: another step towards a structured educational approach.Cosyns, B; De Diego, JJ; Stefanidis, A; Galderisi, M; Ernande, L, et al
11-Feb-2016Effect of Coronary Atherosclerosis and Myocardial Ischemia on Plasma Levels of High-Sensitivity Troponin T and NT-proBNP in Patients With Stable Angina.Caselli, C; Prontera, C; Liga, R; De Graaf, MA; Gaemperli, O, et al
1-May-2008Effects of Age, Gender, Obesity, and Diabetes on the Efficacy and Safety of the Selective A(2A) Agonist Regadenoson Versus Adenosine in Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Integrated ADVANCE-MPI Trial ResultsCerqueira, MD; Nguyen, P; Staehr, P; Underwood, SR; Iskandrian, AE
23-Jun-2016Inhaled aerosol distribution in human airways: a scintigraphy-guided study in a 3D printed modelVerbanck, S; Ghorbaniasl, G; Biddiscombe, MF; Dragojlovic, D; Ricks, N, et al
21-May-2015Limitations of chest pain categorization models to predict coronary artery disease.Rovai, D; Neglia, D; Lorenzoni, V; Caselli, C; Knuuti, J, et al
18-Mar-2016Multicentre multi-device hybrid imaging study of coronary artery disease: results from the EValuation of INtegrated Cardiac Imaging for the Detection and Characterization of Ischaemic Heart Disease (EVINCI) hybrid imaging populationLiga, R; Vontobel, J; Rovai, D; Marinelli, M; Caselli, C, et al
1-Feb-2004Myocardial perfusion scintigraphy: the evidence - A consensus conference organised by the British Cardiac Society, the British Nuclear Cardiology Society and the British Nuclear Medicine Society, endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians of London and the Royal College of RadiologistsUnderwood, SR; Anagnostopoulos, C; Cerqueira, M; Ell, PJ; Flint, EJ, et al
25-Feb-2016Noninvasive cardiac imaging in suspected acute coronary syndrome.Garg, P; Underwood, SR; Senior, R; Greenwood, JP; Plein, S
19-Dec-2015Nuclear cardiology practice and associated radiation doses in Europe: results of the IAEA Nuclear Cardiology Protocols Study (INCAPS) for the 27 European countries.Lindner, O; Pascual, TN; Mercuri, M; Acampa, W; Burchert, W, et al
22-Nov-2013Regadenoson in Europe: first-year experience of regadenoson stress combined with submaximal exercise in patients undergoing myocardial perfusion scintigraphyBrinkert, M; Reyes, E; Walker, S; Latus, K; Maenhout, A, et al
1-Oct-2014Regadenoson-induced bradycardia and hypotension: Possible mechanism and antidote.Underwood, SR; Latus, KA; Reyes, E; Standbridge, K; Walker, S, et al
16-Mar-2016Renal denervation in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (RDF-PEF): a randomised controlled trialPatel, HC; Rosen, SD; Hayward, C; Vassiliou, V; Smith, GC, et al