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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Sep-2016A BAYESIAN ANALYSIS OF THE AGES OF FOUR OPEN CLUSTERSJeffery, EJ; Von Hippel, T; Van Dyk, DA; Stenning, DC; Robinson, E, et al
13-Jan-2017A biochemical machine for the interconversion of mutual information and workMcGrath, T; Jones, NS; Wolde, PRT; Ouldridge, TE
3-Dec-2015A constructive method for plane-wave representations of special functionsCrowdy, DG
1-Jun-2017A continuum model for nematic alignment of self-propelled particlesDegond, PAA; Manhart, A; Yu, H
15-Feb-2016A method for comparing non-nested models with application to astrophysical searches for new physicsAlgeri, S; Conrad, J; Van Dyk, DA
-A new flocking model through body attitude coordinationDegond, PAA; Frouvelle, A; Merino-Aceituno, S
9-Oct-2015A Potential Vorticity Signature for the Cold Sector of Winter Extratropical CyclonesVanniere, B; Czaja, A; Dacre, H; Woollings, T; Parfitt, R
9-Aug-2016A versatile direct laser writing lithography technique for surface enhanced infra-red spectroscopy sensorsBraun, A; Maier, SA
3-Dec-2015Access of energetic particles to Titan's exobase: A study of Cassini's T9 flybyRegoli, LH; Roussos, E; Feyerabend, M; Jones, GH; Krupp, N, et al
21-Jun-2017Acquiring axially-symmetric transparent objects using single-view transmission imagingKim, J; Reshetouski, I; Ghosh, A
3-Jul-2015Addition of aluminium, zinc and magnesium hydrides to rhodium(III)Ekkert, O; White, AJP; Toms, H; Crimmin, MR
16-Sep-2016Addition of Carbon-Fluorine Bonds to a Mg(I)-Mg(I) Bond: An Equivalent of Grignard Formation in SolutionBakewell, C; White, AJ; Crimmin, MR
24-Sep-2012Adoptive immunotherapy with Cl-IB-MECA-treated CD8+T cells reduces melanoma growth in miceMontinaro, A; Forte, G; Sorrentino, R; Luciano, A; Palma, G, et al
28-Sep-2016Advances in Two-Photon Scanning and Scanless Microscopy Technologies for Functional Neural Circuit ImagingSchultz, SR; Copeland, CS; Foust, AJ; Quicke, P; Schuck, R
5-May-2016Amine molecular cages as supramolecular fluorescent explosive sensors: a computational perspectiveZwijnenburg, MA; Berardo, E; Peveler, WJ; Jelfs, KE
24-Jan-2017An asymptotic-preserving method for a relaxation of the NavierStokes-Korteweg equationsChertock, A; Degond, PAA; Neusser, J
16-Jun-2016An extension of the FRI framework for calcium transient detectionReynolds, S; Copeland, CS; Schultz, SR; Dragotti, PL
19-Jan-2016An improved version of the Hughes model for pedestrian flowCarrillo de la Plata, J; Martin, STEPHAN
27-Oct-2016Analysis of energy access and impact of modern energy sources in unelectrified villages in Uttar PradeshSandwell, P; Chambon, C; Saraogi, A; Chabenat, A; Mazur, M, et al
24-Feb-2016Analytical formulas for longitudinal slip lengths over unidirectional superhydrophobic surfaces with curved menisciCrowdy, DG