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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2015A Comparison of South African National HIV Incidence Estimates: A Critical Appraisal of Different MethodsRehle, T; Johnson, L; Hallett, T; Mahy, M; Kim, A, et al
15-Sep-2015Assessment of epidemic projections using recent HIV survey data in South Africa: a validation analysis of ten mathematical models of HIV epidemiology in the antiretroviral therapy eraEaton, JW; Bacaer, N; Bershteyn, A; Cambiano, V; Cori, A, et al
1-Nov-2014Embracing different approaches to estimating HIV incidence, prevalence and mortalityHallett, TB; Zaba, B; Stover, J; Brown, T; Slaymaker, E, et al
30-Apr-2017Empirical validation of the UNAIDS Spectrum model for subnational HIV estimates: case-study of children and adults in Manicaland, ZimbabweSilhol, R; Gregson, S; Nyamukapa, C; Mhangara, M; Dzangare, J, et al
1-Jan-2014Health benefits, costs, and cost-effectiveness of earlier eligibility for adult antiretroviral therapy and expanded treatment coverage: a combined analysis of 12 mathematical modelsEaton, JW; Menzies, NA; Stover, J; Cambiano, V; Chindelevitch, L, et al
1-Jul-2012HIV Treatment as Prevention: Systematic Comparison of Mathematical Models of the Potential Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy on HIV Incidence in South AfricaEaton, JW; Johnson, LF; Salomon, JA; Baernighausen, T; Bendavid, E, et al
5-Nov-2014How Can We Get Close to Zero? The Potential Contribution of Biomedical Prevention and the Investment Framework towards an Effective Response to HIVStover, J; Hallett, TB; Wu, Z; Warren, M; Gopalappa, C, et al
1-Sep-2009Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention in High HIV Prevalence Settings: What Can Mathematical Modelling Contribute to Informed Decision Making?Hankins, C; Hargrove, J; Williams, B; Abu Raddad, L; Auvert, B, et al
1-Nov-2014Updates to the Spectrum model to estimate key HIV indicators for adults and childrenStover, J; Andreev, K; Slaymaker, E; Gopalappa, C; Sabin, K, et al