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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jan-2017Characterization of a supercharger as boosting & turbo-expansion device in sequential multi-stage systemsRomagnoli, A; Vorraro, G; Rajoo, S; Copeland, C; Martinez-Botas, R
25-Aug-2016Design methodology of a low pressure turbine for waste heat recovery via electric turbocompoundingBin Mamat, AMI; Martinez-Botas, RF; Rajoo, S; Hao, L; Romagnoli, A
1-May-2012Heat transfer analysis in a turbocharger turbine: An experimental and computational evaluationRomagnoli, A; Martinez-Botas, R
15-Mar-2015Non-adiabatic pressure loss boundary condition for modelling turbocharger turbine pulsating flowChiong, MS; Rajoo, S; Romagnoli, A; Costall, AW; Martinez-Botas, RF
15-Nov-2016One-dimensional pulse-flow modeling of a twin-scroll turbineChiong, MS; Rajoo, S; Romagnoli, A; Costall, AW; Martinez-Botas, RF
1-Feb-2012Unsteady performance analysis of a twin-entry variable geometry turbocharger turbineRajoo, S; Romagnoli, A; Martinez-Botas, RE