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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2015Computation of five-dimensional grain boundary energyLuo, YK; Qin, RS
3-Feb-2015Computational thermodynamics in electric current metallurgyQin, RS; Bhowmik, A
8-May-2015Controlled motion of electrically neutral microparticles by pulsed direct currentZhang, XF; Qin, RS
1-Feb-2015Critical Assessment 8: outstanding issues in electropulsing processingQin, RS
17-Mar-2014Electric current-driven migration of electrically neutral particles in liquidsZhang, XF; Qin, RS
1-May-2011Electropulse-induced cementite nanoparticle formation in deformed pearlitic steelsQin, RS; Samuel, EI; Bhowmik, A
27-Oct-2014Electropulse-induced microstructural evolution in a ferritic-pearlitic 0.14%C steelRahnama, A; Qin, RS
8-Oct-2014Electropulsing-induced strengthening of steel at high temperatureLu, WJ; Zhang, XF; Qin, RS
5-Jan-2017Inclusion agglomeration in electrified molten metal: thermodynamic considerationZhao, ZC; Qin, RS
7-May-2016Influence of kappa-carbide interface structure on the formability of lightweight steelsLu, WJ; Qin, RS
1-Jan-2015Modelling the microstructure of martensitic steelsRahnama, A; Qin, RS
1-Feb-2015Oriented sulphides induced by electric current in medium carbon steelZhang, XF; Lu, WJ; Qin, RS
1-Jun-2009Phase-field model study of the crystal morphological evolution of hcp metalsQin, RS; Bhadeshia, HKDH
1-Apr-2009Phase-field model study of the effect of interface anisotropy on the crystal morphological evolution of cubic metalsQin, RS; Bhadeshia, HKDH
28-Feb-2015Preparation of surface coatings on a conductive substrate by controlled motion of graphene nanoflakes in a liquid mediumZhang, XF; Qin, RS
1-Sep-2013Removal of MnS inclusions in molten steel using electropulsingZhang, XF; Lu, WJ; Qin, RS
14-Feb-2017Room temperature texturing of austenite/ferrite steel by electropulsingRahnama, A; Qin, RS
1-Sep-2016Stability of martensite with pulsed electric current in dual-phase steelsLu, WJ; Qin, RS
2-Dec-2015Stability of precipitates under electropulsing in 316L stainless steelLu, WJ; Zhang, XF; Qin, RS
1-Feb-2015Structure and properties of κ-carbides in duplex lightweight steelsLu, WJ; Zhang, XF; Qin, RS